Are Pelosi/Schumer “Nebulous Namby Pambys”?

By —— Bio and Archives--January 13, 2019

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Are Pelosi/Schumer “Nebulous Namby Pambys”?
Have you listened to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer lately, as they offer their reasons why a southern border wall is immoral and a waste of taxpayer money?  Do you think they could be tagged with the sobriquet of “Nebulous Namby Pambys”?  They offer no meaningful alternatives to stemming the flow of illegal immigration over our porous southern border, the flow of murderous drugs that is killing many of our, mostly young, citizens, and the flow of human trafficking.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of the term “Nebulous Namby Pambys” is as follows:  “Nebulous” - indistinct, vague, and hazy.  “Namby Pamby” - pathetically weak and indecisive.  No matter how you slice it, those terms fit these two feckless politicians, don’t you agree?


How can anyone who has promoted the same proposals, in the past, as President Trump has stated now, claim that it is immoral and a waste of money to build a border wall (barrier)?  If it was “moral” a few years ago, why is it immoral now?  Isn’t that the height of hypocrisy?

When all the law enforcement agencies of the government agree (the Border Patrol, I.C.E., and Homeland Security) that a wall would be successful (by a factor of 90%) in making our country safe from the onslaught of illegal immigration, the smuggling of drugs, and the illegal trafficking of humans (mostly children and young adults), why would the Democrats (a/k/a Progressives and Democrat Socialists) be against it?  Does this hatred of President Trump blind them to the facts of the efficacy of building the wall (barrier)?

President Trump has bent over backwards to offer the Democrats a chance to bargain over the issue of building the wall (barrier), but they stubbornly refuse to even make a meaningful counteroffer.  Both Pelosi and Schumer are acting like petulant children who didn’t get their way, all because they don’t want to give the hated Donald Trump a win on one of his signature proposals.  And these irresponsible “nebulous namby pambys”, Pelosi and Schumer, claim to be adults?

Just recently, notorious anti-Trump CNN “journalist?”, Jim Acosta, went down to the border near McAllen, Texas to check out the wall there.  He reported that everything was calm and that no illegals were charging the wall, thinking that he was dissing President Trump’s claim of a border crisis, but he actually proved Trump’s point that a border wall (barrier) does exactly what Acosta reported. It actually stops illegal activity.  Acosta’s anti-Trump venom came back to bite him and CNN in the butt big time.

The Democrats, and their flunkies in the “lame stream media”, are putting their partisan political considerations ahead of the security of our country. Their attitude of “resistance of Trump” policy, at all costs, seems to have boxed them in to where it makes it difficult for them to save face by capitulating with President Trump.  The big losers are the citizens of the United States. 



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