As taxpayers flee California, GOP Rep. Martha McSally jokes: Hey, maybe we need a wall between AZ and CA

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As taxpayers flee California, GOP Martha McSally jokes: Hey, maybe we need a wall between AZ and CA
Arizona spends a lot of time worrying about trouble crossing its southern border.  However, as GOP Rep. Martha McSally jokingly pointed out, they may need to start worrying about issues to their west as well.  That’s because the left coast’s immigration policies (and a host of other problems) are starting to affect neighboring states, and the people running those states are none too pleased.

As Townhall reports:


“As we look in Arizona, we often look into the dangers of the southern border,” the Arizona congresswoman said during a round-table discussion at the White House Tuesday.

“But if these dangerous policies continue out of California, we might need to build a wall between California and Arizona as well to keep these dangerous criminals out of our state,” she said jokingly.

In all seriousness, however, she noted that California shouldn’t think the effects of their policies are contained within state lines.

California can’t just “provide sanctuary for these criminals and think that it’s only impacting California dangerously,” she said.

Obviously, she’s using humor to make her point, but McSally is right.  California’s sanctuary policies are endangering other parts of the country. If the state is refusing to arrest, track, or report illegals due to its sanctuary status, they’re also not doing anything to stop them from moving east.

That said, illegals may be the least of McSally’s problems. Just yesterday, we learned that California is losing citizens thanks to its insanely high taxes, exorbitant housing costs, and onerous over-regulation.

From CNBC:

Californians may still love the beautiful weather and beaches, but more and more they are fed up with the high housing costs and taxes and deciding to flee to lower-cost states such as Nevada, Arizona and Texas.

“There’s nowhere in the United States that you can find better weather than here,” said Dave Senser, who lives on a fixed income near San Luis Obispo, California, and now plans to move to Las Vegas. “Rents here are crazy, if you can find a place, and they’re going to tax us to death. That’s what it feels like. At least in Nevada they don’t have a state income tax. And every little bit helps.”

... Census Bureau data, from July 2016 to July 2017, show “more people moved out of California to other states than moved in from other states. In other words, California lost people due to domestic migration.”

During that 12-month period, California saw a net loss of just over 138,000 people, while Texas had a net increase of more than 79,000 people. Arizona gained more than 63,000 residents, and Nevada gained more than 38,000.

Anyone care to guess the political affiliation of those “lower income Californians?” Let’s just say that, were I living in a California-adjacent red district, I’d be nervous. If a significant percentage of them are Democrats, it may mean trouble. Liberals have two defining characteristics:

The first is that they hate living with the consequences of their own policies.  If they’ve made living in California nigh-unbearable, you can bet they won’t want to remain in the Frankenstein’s monster they’ve created. 

The second is they never learn. There will always be an excuse on which to pin the disastrous results of their agenda. They won’t move to Arizona, Nevada, or Texas and abandon their old tax and spend ways.  They’ll move there and start the whole process over again - complete with the same boneheaded mistakes - then they’ll move again when their new state turns into the same mess they originally left behind.

So, Rep. McSally; we know you’re kidding, but you may also be on to something.  A wall between Arizona and California might not be a terrible idea.


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