Released by the widow herself, a black Democrat, who doesn't like how this is being politicized.

AUDIO: Here’s what Trump calling a fallen soldier’s widow really sounds like

By —— Bio and Archives--October 23, 2017

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Here's what Trump calling a fallen soldier's widow really sounds like
Congresswoman Frederica Wilson claims President Trump insulted a Gold Star family when he called the widow of a fallen soldier, saying, among other things, “he knew what he signed up for” - supposedly in a way that suggests, Who cares that he’s dead?

Would Trump really act that way in such a call? Wilson seems to think people will believe it because it fits the media narrative of Trump as a brutish, rude bull in a china shop. But we haven’t heard the actual audio so there’s no way to be sure what it sounded like.

We have, however, heard this audio, from another Gold Star widow who wants people to know how President Trump really handles himself on these calls. Listen for yourself:

Listen to Trump’s conversation with a Gold Star family


Natasha De Alencaris the widow of Army Staff Sgt. Mark De Alencar, who was killed in a firefight on April. She instantly knew when she heard Congresswoman Wilson’s accusations against the president that his alleged behavior sounded nothing like the caring, compassionate man who called her to express condolences over her husband’s passing.

By the way, Mrs. De Alencaris is a Democrat. She didn’t release the audio of this call out of partisan considerations. She released it in spite of her partisan leanings, because she knows President Trump was thoughtful and respectful when she called him and thought it was unfair to let him get a bad rap from a congressman who is clearly motivated by partisan motives.

I wish I wasn’t even writing about this. It’s beyond absurd that something as nonpartisan as a president’s condolence call to a family is being turned political by shameless people happy to not only lie, but exploit grieving families in the process. As Chief of Staff John Kelly alluded on Thursday, there used to be a time when there we things that united us regardless of party or ideology, and situations like this were among them. That is apparently no longer the case because now there is nothing more important than making Donald Trump look bad.

Listen to the audio, and tell me if you think it could possibly be true that the same man who made this call is also the one who did what Frederica Wilson claims he did.

No conceivable way, you think? That’s because it doesn’t require much common sense to arrive at that obvious conclusion. If Frederica Wilson wants to criticize President Trump’s policies, she should have at it. If she wants to pull crap like this, she should resign from Congress today and stop staining the country with her presence.

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