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Awesome: BBC’s interview with professor going great . . . until his kids show up

By —— Bio and Archives--March 10, 2017

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Professor Robert Kelly is famous now. Going on TV can do that for you, although it’s generally not the plan for it to happen like this. Hat tip to Allahpundit over at Hot Air for spotting this, but it’s pretty much going crazy all across social media this morning.

As it should be:

I’m not sure I’ve quite worked out how the toddler manages to come through the door and charge into the room all by himself. Yes, I’m familiar with the technological breakthrough that is the walker, but dang, this kid’s booking in it. If there’s toddler walker Olympics, he’s got the gold sewn up.

I do sympathize with the professor. When Tony was little I was in this position a time or two, and when you’re doing this sort of work from home you simply never know when your kids are going to decide to inject themselves into the situation. They have no frame of reference for what’s happening or for why they shouldn’t interrupt, nor should they be expected to have any. They’re kids for crying out loud.

It’s one of the reasons I prefer not to work from home, but there are times when you simply don’t have a choice - especially when TV or radio wants you in a stationary, quiet place. Quiet, or so you thought!

The only thing that could have made this better is if the professor had just remained entirely nonplussed and gone on talking about Korean politics while the kids went to town behind him. You kind of feel bad for the mom who feels the need to rush in and remove them from the room, especially since I suspect most of the viewers enjoyed the interview less once the kids were gone.

Ah well. One day maybe one of them will be prominent in his or her field, and when that happens, what an archive gem this will be.

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