• Documents obtained under Access to Information Act reveal expensive tastes of Global Affairs Canada
• 2016 order placed through Regina-based company at $286 per cushion

¡Ay, caramba! Global Affairs Canada spent $24k on 86 cushions for Canadian embassy in Mexico City

By —— Bio and Archives--July 9, 2018

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Global Affairs Canada spent $24k on 86 cushions for Canadian embassy in Mexico City
OTTAWA, ON: Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) Federal Director Aaron Wudrick released documents obtained through Access to Information by the CTF showing that in 2016, Global Affairs Canada spent $24,638 to purchase 86 seat cushions for the Canadian embassy in Mexico City.

“Canadian diplomats in Mexico may be sitting well on $286 cushions, but this definitely won’t sit well with Canadian taxpayers,” said Wudrick. “This government needs to get spending under control, and from the looks of it, Global Affairs would be a great place to start.”

Wudrick noted that quick online search for seat cushions priced as low as $17, with most in the $50 range. The cost for the cushions did not include shipping from Regina to Mexico.

“With the Trudeau government running a $17 billion deficit, bureaucrats can sit on regular cushions like everyone else,” suggested Wudrick.

To view the documents obtained by the CTF under the Access to Information Act click here.




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