AOC has “Occasional Cortex” moments even though they’re only only occasional. Justin Trudeau has none. We rest our case.

Battle of the Brainless: Justin Trudeau vs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

By —— Bio and Archives--February 2, 2019

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Battle of the Brainless: Justin Trudeau vs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the dumbest politician of them all?

It’s about time we definitively decide which politician has the fewest functioning brain cells. It comes down to an epic battle between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Sorry Americans; I know you like to finish first in everything but in this contest you lose. The Canadian PM is hands down less intelligent than the newly elected representative from New York. It is true AOC’s airhead statements are becoming more and more bizarre,  but the things she comes out with show a lack of education and the fact she is a committed socialist who has never learned the truth about socialism. Trudeau, on the other hand, says things that no person above the age of five and of average intelligence would ever say.


Let’s first look at some of the utterances Trudeau has made over the years. In 2014, the Liberal leader was speaking to a group of university students in London, Ontario. He said, “We have to realize that the way of thinking that got us to this place no longer holds. We have to rethink elements as basic as space and time, to go all science fictiony on you in this sense. [Emphasis added] (Toronto Sun, Sept. 21, 2014.)

“Fictiony”  of course is not a word but we’ll give him a pass on this one even though he does make up words. Just what does he mean by saying we have to rethink those elements? Does the Little Potato really think concepts such as space and time can be changed? Is Junior trying to put himself in the same category as Einstein and Hawking even though neither of them simply said we have to rethink basic elements such as space and time? THE STATEMENT MAKES NO SENSE.

Again in 2014, while Trudeau was leader of the Liberal Party but not yet prime minister, Trudeau said “if you commit to growing the economy, the budget will balance itself.” That statement again makes absolutely no sense. It is impossible for budgets to somehow balance themselves. Ordinary intelligent people who are able to observe life around them and who have never studied economics are able to understand budgets do not balance themselves. (London Free Press, Mar. 1, 2018)

When people make fun of Trudeau for this statement, they usually confine the quote to “budgets balance themselves.” The Prime Minister’s supporters fans argue critics leave out the first part of the statement where Trudeau said “if you commit to growing the economy”. But anyone capable of rational thought understands even if the economy grows, budgets do not automatically balance themselves. If the country’s economy grows such that government revenues increase, the budget will not be automatically balanced unless the government controls spending to wipe out a deficit. To put it in a way even Justin might understand, if revenues triple but spending quadruples, the budget will not be balanced. Budgets have to be balanced; they are incapable of balancing themselves. It is a simple concept the even simpler Trudeau cannot understand.

Does Trudeau even know how to grow the economy? Of course he does. During the last federal election campaign, about growing the economy, he said, “We’re proposing a real a strong and real plan, one that invests in the middle class, so we can grow the economy, not from the top down, the way Mr. Harper wants to but from the heart outwards. [Emphasis added] (CBC, Aug. 13, 2015) Growing the economy outwards makes no sense.

Let’s get back to the Right Honourable Prime Minister making up words. Early last year Justin was holding a town hall meeting. A woman was telling the PM that what was needed was “key to changing the future of mankind.” As soon as she said the word “mankind,” a rude little boy (i.e. Justin) interrupted her and said, “We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind. It’s more inclusive.” (Toronto Sun, Feb. 7, 2018)

After that comment, laughter could be heard around the world. Trudeau’s good friend and senior political adviser Gerald Butts called those who laughed at Trudeau “nazis,” something the PM did not condemn. Trudeau’s defense for his comedic statement was he was only joking.

When he said it was a joke, he still didn’t understand what was happening. He may very well have been not serious, one of the few things he is skilled at. People didn’t laugh at him because he replaced the word mankind with a gender-neutral word. They laughed because peoplekind is not a real word; the word he should have used was humankind. He just didn’t know.

Now let’s have a look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. One of her most famous utterances was when she spoke of the three branches of government; the presidency, the Senate and the House. What she said made perfect sense; It was wrong but it still made sense. The mind boggles as to how Trudeau would answer that question. (Daily Wire, Nov. 18, 2018)

This is different than some of the things Trudeau comes out with such as growing the economy from the heart out, budgets balance themselves and we have to rethink space and time. What AOC said made sense but was simply wrong. This indicates a lack of learning or curiosity as opposed to not being intelligent. Although she has a college degree (unlike Justin who is a multiple drop-out) she obviously was never taught civics or anything about America’s three branches of government.  Nor when she first decided to run for office did she take any time to learn about the government she hoped to be a part of. She was probably too busy being a social justice warrior and playing on social media to learn about the government.

A few days ago, AOC said the world will end in 12 years if we don’t fight climate change and this is her generation’s World War II. Again, saying the world will end because of climate change is not original (remember Al Gore). She’s been taught to believe, as are all loopy leftists, that climate deniers, much like Trump, are worse than Hitler. (Lifezette, Jan. 22, 2019)

AOC has only been in office a little more than three weeks and already has fellow lefties diving for cover—including the Washington Post who had the temerity to fact check her statements, yesterday calling out in a headline: ’She’s Wrong’ in her assertion that companies like Walmart and Amazon “essentially experience a wealth transfer from the public, for paying people less than a minimum wage” was not true”.

But unlike Trudeau she didn’t try to buy the media off with $600-million taxpayer dollars.

Also unlike Trudeau who is 47-years-old but is perceived to be childlike, Ocasio-Cortez is young (29) and is a product of her generation. She gets a lot of media attention but what she says is really no different than what others on the left believe even if they have the maturity not to say it.

So if this were really a ‘Who’s the dumbest politician of them all?’ contest, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would win hands down.

Here’s da’ proof.  CFP cartoonist Dag Barkely, who first came up with the AOC nickname “Occasional Cortex” watches it walking on stilts over the ‘Net.

AOC has “Occasional Cortex” moments even though they’re only only occasional.

Justin Trudeau has none.

We rest our case.

Occasional Cortex


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