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Bella the Movie: Next Passion of the Christ…

By —— Bio and Archives--October 23, 2007

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Bella, an independent film staring Mexican superstar Eduardo Verastegui, is scheduled for limited release in theatres on October 26.  The movie, an inspirational drama set in modern-day New York, has what America’s been asking for but what Hollywood refuses to give.


Having won the People’s Choice Award at last year’s Toronto Film Festival, you’d think major Hollywood distribution companies would be crawling over one another for a crack at the film.  But such is not the case.  Bella’s central theme puts a premium on the value of human life—including life in the womb—and that is a value Hollywood just won’t tolerate. 

Just as the Hollywood left scoffed at The Passion of the Christ, it has largely ignored the award winning Bella.  The movie’s life-affirming message just doesn’t comport with Tinseltown’s narrow leftist agenda. 

But the folks at Roadside Attractions, a division of Lionsgate Entertainment, knew a good thing when they saw it and scooped up this moral masterpiece.  Bella’s creators are hoping to reach as many people as possible with the film’s principal message:  True love goes beyond romance.” 

In Bella, Eduardo Verastegui stars as Jose, a once-famous professional soccer player who finds himself working as a cook in his brother’s New York City restaurant following a tragic, career-ending accident that leaves him broke, haunted and utterly discontent. 

But Jose soon learns that God can turn all things for good.  Nina, a single waitress played by Tammy Blanchard is also down on her luck.  She confides in Jose that she’s discovered she’s pregnant.  As she is confronted with the choice between life and death for her little one, Jos


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