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Beware Obama’s Fabian Window

By —— Bio and Archives--August 21, 2009

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If you feel the ground shaking under your feet; if the America you once knew seems to be changing daily; if you feel that you have less and less control over your life and the country is being governed from the top down, then you should take heed.

Someone is “remoulding the world nearer his heart’s desire,” and he has the biggest hammer in the world. If you want to understand Obama’s agenda, you need to peer into the Fabian Window.

The Fabian Window is a beautiful, if sinister, thing. Although it currently hangs in London, it should be hanging in the White House, for the message in the window is an eerie reflection of what is happening in the United States before our very eyes.

Built to commemorate the founding of the Fabian Socialist Society, the Fabian Window contains images that are clear, unapologetic and, as a friend of mine once said—brazen. It is one thing, as Lenin said, to howl like wolves in order to live among wolves; however it is quite another to advertise the fact that you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Yet, the socialists who constructed the window had no qualms about advertising the fact that they had a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda when it comes to reshaping the world.

The window contains the image of two men—founders of the society—hammering the globe (from the top down no less) with sledgehammers—imposing their will on the world so to speak. They are not voting; they are not persuading; nor are they preaching to the masses. They are hammering the world with very big hammers. If imposing one’s will from the top down does not remind you of the current occupant of the White House, then you have been living in a cave for the past eight months. The Czar and his Commissars are imposing their will on America every day, ramming legislation down the collective throat of America—legislation that Congress itself does not even read. And we are paying hundreds of billions of dollars, ceding our personal freedom, and witnessing the centralization of power in the federal government to an extent never before seen since we declared independence from the last dictator to rule America over two centuries ago. Are we being governed from the ground up—by the consent of the people? Or, is someone imposing their will upon us—hammering us from above?

More ominous still—the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Amazingly, the Fabian Window contains an image—just above the fellows hammering the world—that is as clear as it is foreboding: the socialists are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I often wonder why they did not choose a less ignoble animal. What about a courageous lion? A proud bull? A vigilant hawk? A noble horse? No, they chose a wolf—a cunning, ravenous, devious, and scary critter—and cloaked him in a sheepskin. Why? Because, as Lenin taught, if you want to operate in a capitalist society you must disguise yourself. Put the sheepskin on and you can easily mingle with the flock. Until you decide to shed the skin and consume the flock. The most frightening thing about the image is that the socialists make no apology about being wolves and living among sheep.

Creeping socialism has pervaded our government. We can deny it, wish it were not so, and the captive media can dismiss the notion as “right wing propaganda,” but the truth is plain. Power is being consolidated daily in the central government—at the expense of the governed. The current occupants of the White House look and dress like capitalists and profess to believe in freedom—all the time hammering the world and remoudling it nearer their heart’s desire—which, of course, is the motto inscribed on the Fabian Window. Does it say, “remould it nearer the will of the people?” Or, “remould it nearer the will of the voters?” No, the socialist window commands them to: “remould it nearer [their] heart’s desire.” This should send chills down the spine of every freedom loving American. We should question what is in their hearts and the wisdom of giving them the hammers.

Fast forward to the present day. Is someone pounding our world with a very big sledge hammer, imposing his will on the country? Or do we feel as if we have control over our lives? You be the judge:

Obama tours the world apologizing for the greatest country on earth, which has given away more of its wealth and sent more of its young men and women to die for people in faraway countries than any other nation in history. Is he remoulding our history—about which we should be proud?

Obama denigrates religion, covers up religious symbols when he speaks in churches, and proclaims that we are not a “Christian” nation. In fact, we are a Christian nation, but not exclusively so, and far more tolerant of all believers and disbelievers than the Arab countries from whom he courts favor. In those countries you may be maimed, banished or killed if you are not Muslim. Freedom of religion in those countries is but an empty phrase in constitutions that exalt Islam over all other religions. Is Obama remoulding our religious heritage?

Obama fosters class envy by punishing those who create jobs and wealth, financing his grandiose programs—which we cannot afford—by taxing the wealthy (anyone making over $150,000?) and redistributing income. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” sounds a lot like Obama’s economic philosophy. The only problem is that Karl Marx coined the motto. Is our economic system being remoulded nearer his heart’s desire?

—Obama stated in no uncertain terms that “if they want to build [coal plants], they can, but it will bankrupt them” [sic] and implicitly threatened any company that wanted to start a new coal-fired energy plant. Since when do Presidents brag about punishing such an important industry—one that furnishes the vast majority of the energy which heats and lights our homes and businesses? Since when did government become the enemy of capitalist enterprise? Should big government selectively punish some industries and take over others? Is he remoulding the relationship between industry and big government nearer his heart’s desire?

Obama proposed the creation of a “domestic security force.” Hitler had them too—they were called the SA and the SS. To whom will they swear allegiance and why do we need them? We already have a domestic security force. We call them “police.” Is he remoulding the state’s police power nearer his heart’s desire? And to what end?

Obama proposes a national health care system which will inevitably lead to the elimination of private health insurers, budget-induced rationing, cost overruns, congressionally-mandated premiums, charges, doctor salaries, and care. Is he remolding the private relationship between the doctor and patient? Is he seeking to consolidate life and death decision-making power in the federal government—soon to have access to everyone’s private health information when all our records are computerized?

Obama rammed through the biggest spending bill in history—hundreds of billions spent through the TARP bill—and few, if any, of our elected representatives had any interest in reading it before voting to pass it. What do you call it when an elected body, ostensibly representative of the people, passes a bill without reading it—just because the Great Leader says so? Dictatorship. In effectively bypassing the legislative process altogether, imposing his will on Congress, and prevailing on them to pass this huge spending bill—just because he wanted them to—Obama has fundamentally remoulded our republican form of government nearer to his heart’s desire. When the day comes that a President of the United States can compel the Congress to spend hundreds of billions of dollars by passing a bill they never read, it is fair to ask: why a Congress at all? What is the need? We should simply ask what the President wants, and then pass it by acclamation—the way the Soviet Politburo used to do.

—Now we witness the health care debate in dozens of town hall meeting across the country. When people show up and vocalize their opinions—passionately at times—criticizing the administration’s proposed plan for national health care, Obama and his minions decry the citizens as NAZIs. They suggest that it is somehow disloyal, mean- spirited, or racist to disagree with, or criticize, the President. Just a few short months ago, we heard liberal politicians declare that dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Put simply, it all depends on whose ox is getting gored. When the Democrats and liberals were out of power, dissent (even mean spirited dissent suggesting President Bush should be killed or impeached) was applauded by the Left. Now that Obama the Secular has risen to power, dissent is not tolerated, but condemned as un-American. The Fourth Estate, which traditionally kept Presidential power in check, is now nothing more than a cheering section. Obama has remoulded the relationship between the press, the citizens and their government. The captive press now denounces criticism of the Great One as “disloyal and unpatriotic.”

The thud of the sledgehammer is getting louder and more frequent every day. Those who care about the country and about individual freedoms should take heed of that sound. Those who worry about the unbridled power of the federal government would do well to study the Fabian Window. It should be installed in the White House; it is how the President sees the world. We have given him a very big hammer indeed. And he is using it to remould us in ways we could never have imagined. Starting in 2010, it is time to take his hammer away.

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