You know who’s most un-Christian according to the Chelsea Clinton version of Christianity? Jesus Christ

Let’s talk about the bizarre version of Christianity that Chelsea Clinton thinks would never ban abortion

By —— Bio and Archives--September 17, 2018

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Let’s talk about the bizarre version of Christianity that Chelsea Clinton thinks would never ban abortion
This is absurd, obviously, and you’ve probably already seen it because it’s been bouncing around for a couple of days.

But I think it deserves a little more attention than just the usual look-how-stupid-this-is treatment it’s been getting. You and I watch this and shake our heads that anyone could say such a thing, but what you have to keep in mind is that there are millions of people nodding their heads at this and agreeing that banning abortion would be un-Christian.


Chelsea Clinton Says Stopping Abortion Is “Unchristian”

That matters because there’s a strain of faux Christianity that has attracted lots of people. They think it’s authentic.

Their heart is not with the Lord but they’ve been sold on the idea that they’re righteous and on the side of real justice, because they’re worshiping a Jesus of their own creation.

These people are the reason Chelsea Clinton can say something this bizarre and not be universally laughed off the face of the EartH.

The logic, I guess, is that abortion becomes dangerous when it’s not legal, and therefore you’d subject women to danger without it being legal, and subjecting women to danger is un-Christian. Also, if you don’t have the freedom to abort your pregnancy, you can’t participate fully in the economy or something, and that’s un-Christian too.

Let’s consider this.

The Christianity to which I subscribe says we have to take up our crosses daily. It does not promise we will be without struggles in this world, and in fact it assures us we will, but tells us take heart because Jesus Christ has overcome the world. When we live according to God’s Word, we have problems in this world not only because we refuse to take moral shortcuts but also because we will encounter hostility from the world.

The Jesus of the Bible doesn’t tell His followers that things will be easy for them, or even that things will always be “equal” or “fair” vis-a-vis others. He simply says to follow Him and assures His followers that they will have treasure in Heaven.

But that’s not the man-made Jesus who seems increasingly popular on the left – the one Chelsea Clinton seems to worship. What makes this Jesus appealing is that he will never say no to anything you want. He will never tell you a choice you want to make is wrong. He will never judge you. He will never say you need to be delivered from anything because nothing is morally objectionable except for racism, sexism capitalism and global warming.

Everything else is fine, and the man-made Jesus wants you to chillax and do your thing without fear of judgment or consequences, because there will surely be none. Oh, and if you refuse to believe in him, that’s fine. He’s not stressed about it.

This version of Christianity has no problem with abortion because it recognizes no moral absolutes, especially if they conflict with the idea of complete moral libertinism. Keeping babies alive might be nice, but if it gets in the way of your freedom to have sex with whomever you want, whenever you want and under absolutely any circumstances, then it can’t be treated as a moral absolute.

And Jesus never would because he wants you to be happy.

That’s the man-made Jesus. The real Jesus wants you to repent of sin, pick up your cross and live according to the precepts of God – even if it inconveniences you or requires you to make sacrifices.

You know who’s most un-Christian according to the Chelsea Clinton version of Christianity? Jesus Christ.


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