Off the plantation: Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church in Chicago supports Republican Bruce Rauner for governor of Illinois

Black Chicago pastor endorses Republican, gets death threats

By —— Bio and Archives--October 29, 2014

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It shouldn’t be a big deal that a pastor - seeing the poor living conditions, unsatisfactory schools and and high unemployment afflicting his members - should publicly support new leadership for his state. That Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church in Chicago supports Republican Bruce Rauner for governor of Illinois seems about as natural as a thing can be.

Ah, but it’s not, because Pastor Brooks is black, and that means the accepted rules of American society do not afford him a choice. He has to support Democrats because that is the only thing black people are allowed to do. And if he dares to go against the orthodoxy - which he has - you can be sure he will be made to pay a very steep price. And he is:

A black Chicago pastor is speaking out about death threats he has received after publicly supporting the Republican candidate for governor.

The harassment didn’t end there. This weekend, nearly $8,000 was stolen from New Beginnings Church’s collection box.

Corey Brooks told Steve Doocy this morning that the box had been there for six months, with members putting in change and small amounts.

The money was going to go toward the construction of a community center on the South Side.

“The young people have nowhere to go. They have nowhere to express or enhance their lives. ... Our church has been working diligently to raise funds. We haven’t depended on the government to give us anything,” said Brooks.

The robbery came shortly after threats to Brooks over his support for Bruce Rauner for governor against Democrat incumbent Pat Quinn.

Pastor Brooks is not backing down. He believes Democrat policies have failed the city and particularly failed blacks, with 50 percent unemployment among black males in his area. And a man like Corey Brooks is a threat to the Democrat Party establishment for the very same reason that I am. Not only does he think for himself, but he is working to accomplish worthwhile things without depending on government. Democrats have no problem with black churches as long as they follow the Democrat rules and don’t make problems. Historically, Democrats have counted on black pastors to not only endorse them publicly but to get out the vote for Democrats on Election Day. They count on a heavy black, pro-Demcorat turnout in the inner cities, and black pastors are crucial to that ground game.

When a pastor like Corey Brooks endorses the Republican candidate, it puts the Democrat establishment into DefCon3. This is not allowed. It’s just like when I go on the radio, or here, and give black people strategies for how they can improve their lives without those strategies involving a government program or the help of a politician. If black people start embracing this thinking in large numbers - and it would benefit them greatly to do so - the Democrat Party is finished.

That’s why Pastor Brooks gets death threats. That’s why his collection box got robbed. A party that needs to make you dependent cannot abide people who are supposed to be part of the dependent class thinking for themselves and encouraging others to do the same. They will do anything they can to shut you up. I knew a few things about that. I suspect more black leaders like Pastor Brooks are about to step out and discover the same things, and decide it’s worth it to take the side of truth and opportunity.

Nice job, Pastor Brooks. Stay strong and maintain your courage - not that I sense anything in you that would make me think that’s going to be a problem.

This interview includes audio of the death threat call:


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