Blue Wave the Democrats are promising in November is not going to happen. It is cancelled

Blue Wave? No

By —— Bio and Archives--May 20, 2018

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Blue Wave? No
The Democrat Party’s constant unsound maniacal call for impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, if they gain control of the House of Representatives, may be a large part of the reason they won’t be able to gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives, or of the U.S. Senate, for that matter.  According to a recent poll, voters largely view the Mueller probe as a partisan witch hunt.  Despite the accusations flying around about the President being a liar, a womanizer, misogynist, racist or Nazi, the opposite in each of those categories is turning out to be true (capped, might I say, by Trump fulfilling his campaign promise of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv in Israel).  A firm hand when it comes to national security has the world moving in a direction towards peace, and fiscally conservative policies have the United States entering a period of financial prosperity not seen in this country in more than a lifetime (creating comparisons of Trump to Ronald Reagan and Calvin Coolidge).  Through it all, President Trump’s approval rating is steadily rising, and the Democrats are out of their minds trying to figure out why.  Democrats have gotten to the point that they realize there is no guarantee they will win back a majority in Congress, admitting the political landscape has shifted.


“I think anyone who was proclaiming victory a couple of months ago was premature,” said Michigan Representative Daniel Kildee of Michigan, a member of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee leadership team.  The President’s standing will impact heavily what happens in November largely because the Democrat Party’s entire platform in this year’s mid-term elections is “we are anti-Trump” and “we plan to impeach Trump.”

The Democrats have overplayed their hand with not only their anti-Trump narrative, but in California and with their more radical members in the U.S. Congress, where the real nature of who Democrats are is being revealed.  Voters are responding.  The calls for impeachment has the conservative voters bound and determined to use their voting power to stop such ridiculousness.  The “hate Trump” narrative of the Democrat Party leadership has non-GOP voters sick and tired of the insanity, and planning on staying home on Election Day.

The liberal left Democrats have been revealing their Marxist nature.  Americans are beginning to realize the truth, and as a result the liberal lefties are losing grip on their power, their money, and their authoritarian anti-American schemes.  The plantation is being dismantled.  Their Marxism is out in the open.  The success of GOP policies, and the Trump administration, has the Democrats and their minions nervous that the game might finally be up.  Exposure can be devastating.  The attempts to cover-up the truth are simply bringing more attention to their lies and corruption.  The Democrat Crime Machine is no longer a well-oiled mechanism.  They have run out of lies to cover up their lies.  Too many tidbits of truth are making their way to the surface.  The reality is, everything the Democrat leadership claims about their opposition are projections.  In other words, everything the Democrats claim their enemy is, as it turns out, is actually a sin of the Democrat Party.

As a result, even the media is realizing that the Blue Wave may not happen, after all.  In fact, not only are the Democrats in trouble, so is the mainstream media. CNN is currently experiencing a ratings plunge of incredible significance, at 20%.

The radicals are doing all they can to appease our enemies and take away liberties, while indoctrinating the younger generation with their hard left philosophies.  One school has dedicated a couple pages to praising Islam, and Allah.  A Democrat member of the U.S. Congress has crossed a line normally not crossed by members of the Party of the Jackass, calling for confiscation of guns from any resisters against his desired ban of all semi-automatic firearms (which would include most revolvers, as well).  The violence is also out of control, even occurring at unlikely public places such as restaurants.  One of the latest instances happened at a Cheesecake Factory, where employees attacked a black patron who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

As if the indoctrination of the younger generation isn’t enough, media outlets targeting our children are also in on the brainwashing schemes.  Teen Vogue had a recent article about Karl Marx, sanitizing the message for their own purposes the story about the Father of Communism.

California Democrats seek to outlaw the Bible with Assembly Bill 2943.

Leftists have attacked Israel for defending her border during the ceremony opening the U.S. Embassy in Israel - including personal attacks against Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump.

And with all of the attacks against President Trump, it amazes me how ridiculous the double standard is.

Sweden is in freefall because of progressive policies outlawing any speech critical of Islam, and their immigration policies.  Stateside, Antifa is doing what they can to kill free speech critical of Islam in America.

The reality is, what the liberal left Democrats are doing is a hostile takeover of America.  A coup.  That is why they hate Trump so badly.  He interrupted their treason.

Americans have noticed.  Even Black America is realizing what is going on, and are beginning to support President Trump.

Therefore, the Blue Wave the Democrats are promising in November is not going to happen.

It is cancelled.


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