By DC deceitful discourse and these uncivilized means, democrats are sandbagging the whole of government, not just the border

Border crisis dictates (un)civil discourse

By —— Bio and Archives--January 11, 2019

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Border crisis dictates (un)civil discourse
Doubletalk has become the hallmark of democrat dialogue, hereby dubbed “DC” to cover both the place of origin and as an acronym for deceit and what once indicated civil exchange of ideas, discourse.

What came out of democrat leaders’ mouths after the president’s common sense appeal, January 8, 2019, for penny ante funding to secure our southern border was and continues to be “DC.” Nowhere in the comments of recycled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and minority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, has there been any give when it comes to resolving their “manufactured crisis” that they try to paste onto President Trump’s back with every word escaping their lips.


The uptick in the flow of foul epithets from new members of Congress proves the threat of lawlessness from democrats

What the democrat leaders have characterized as a crisis is not the unimpeded illegal trafficking of drugs and human flesh over the border with Mexico. No, their idea of crisis, that they’re trying to attribute to the president, is that of the government “shut-down.” Pelosi, Schumer and a long list of toadies wholly disregard the immoral, to borrow the speaker’s adjective, invasion of the criminal element slipping in alongside the illegal entrants to the U.S. They can’t make a case for that crisis, especially since they’ve done an about-face on the funding for a border wall, be it concrete or a metal barrier.

The manufactured crisis, as they’ve dubbed it, is the furloughing of nonessential government workers (the poor, underprivileged, mostly overpaid rubberstamping bureaucrats) which the democrats engineered by refusing to consider, let alone negotiate, construction of a physical barrier along our country’s southern boundary.

Democrats, wagging vile tongues, stated that civility could only return to government after they regained a majority. Hunh? For the past fifty years, give or take, democrats haven’t been civil in any political argument. Democrats have gone beyond being uncivil in their “DC.” They’ve entered into the realm of acting, no, being uncivilized.

The uptick in the flow of foul epithets from new members of Congress proves the threat of lawlessness from democrats.  The contemptible (and ignorant) words of Rashida Tlaib and Imran Omar regarding the duly elected president and other conservative officials, plus vows to undermine the constitutional process, are evidence their oaths of office were taken under false pretenses. Their expressed disdain, even hate, for their adopted country tags them as domestic enemies working to dismantle America from the inside.

There is one area where democrats have excelled, that of voter fraud

Listen, if you can bear the utter disrespect for America, to the muslim and socialist members of Congress who have no intention of representing their constituents. Their only agenda is that of pointless “resistance.” It’s been asked before – resistance to what? The answer is clear as day. The democrat party has sunk to having one purpose: the dissolution of the Constitution by attempting to redefine the plainly written contents, and simply bypassing it with superfluous legislation.

Here’s news for the democrats, socialists and all other progressive enemies of America… the Constitution is the only Law of the Land. All other legislation can be repealed by a majority in Congress and a president’s signature.

For those in a tizzy about the newly seated House immediately voting on an amendment to the Constitution to dissolve the Electoral College (for putting a crimp in the attempt to steal the 2016 election), it should be stressed that it would have to be passed by 3/4ths of the state legislatures first. Republicans hold the majority in 26 state legislatures creating a hurdle for democrats when 38 states are needed to ratify a constitutional amendment. To this day the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), passed by Congress in 1973, is just now preparing to surmount that obstacle due to the #MeToo movement. It should be noted that women will actually lose ground if this passes the Virginia legislature due to the redefinition of what is a woman. Thank you, transgenderism.

There is one area where democrats have excelled, that of voter fraud, and in 2018 they outdid themselves with barely a squeak from the displaced republicans. In California, where the outgoing governor signed into law a bill allowing ballot harvesting – any individual can submit a ballot (or many, in this case) for a voter – historically republican Congressional districts were flipped blue.


Go ahead and muck up your own state, California, but hands-off Congress

Here’s the problem with that little feat. This is a state law affecting in-state offices (state legislature, county, city council, etc.). The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are federal offices and, one would think, are ultimately under federal regulation not state hiccups called laws that can be repealed at the next election.

If a state wants to jury-rig their own in-state offices, so be it, but when it institutes a statute that essentially undermines the constitutional working of Congress then it must be challenged by the full force of federal law. Go ahead and muck up your own state, California, but hands-off Congress.

Have the fraudulently ousted republican representatives and the RNC allowed too much time to pass before crying “foul” and filing court cases? Probably.

How pathetic that conservatives in the republican party (are there any left?) have rolled over and played dead next to their waffling colleagues. By DC deceitful discourse and these uncivilized means, democrats are sandbagging the whole of government, not just the border.


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