Trump can try to get Bowl Cut Jr. to agree to such an inspection/verification arrangement, but good luck. As much as I’d like to believe Trump got results, this sounds like the same old song and dance to me

Bowl Cut Jr.: Hey, no problem, we’ll give up our nukes

By —— Bio and Archives--April 21, 2018

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Bowl Cut Jr.: Hey, no problem, we’ll give up our nukesWell that was easy.

A little too easy, you think?

Yeah. Me too.

This is a very tempting narrative: After eight years of Obama’s weakness and moral indifference, Trump storms in, shows his mettle and the Norks immediately capitulate. It’s perfect. Too perfect. Which is why we should regard this seemingly massive declaration the way we regard pretty much everything these people say. Oh yeah? Prove it.

North Korea will immediately suspend nuclear and missile tests and scrap its nuclear test site and instead pursue economic growth and peace, the North’s state media said on Saturday, ahead of planned summits with South Korea and the United States.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his country no longer needed to conduct nuclear tests or intercontinental ballistic missile tests because it had completed its goal of developing the weapons, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said.

It was the first time Kim directly addressed his position on North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs ahead of planned summits with South Korean President Moon Jae-in next week and with U.S. President Donald Trump in late May or early June.

The pledge to halt the development of nuclear weapons, initiated by his grandfather, would mean a significant reversal for the young leader, now 34, who has staked his security on his nuclear arsenal and spent years celebrating such weapons as an integral part of his regime’s legitimacy and power.

A testing freeze and commitment to close the test site alone would fall short of Washington’s demand that Pyongyang completely dismantle all of its nuclear weapons and missiles.

But announcing the concessions now, rather than during summit meetings, shows Kim is serious about decentralization talks, experts say.

One American of some note seems encouraged:


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This is one of the reasons I’m very glad John Bolton is now Trump’s National Security Adviser. He knows the history here, and he’s always been rightly skeptical of any promise coming from the Kim regime.

North Korea is the worst regime on Earth – a problem even for its supposed allies, and a source of nothing but oppression, tyranny and torture for its own people. It survives only because of the threat that it could deploy nuclear weapons in the event of a serious effort to destabilize its regime. Conventional wisdom is that, if threatened, the Norks would immediately launch a nuclear attack on at least Seoul – if not Tokyo – and could do so quickly and effectively before its ability to attack could be eliminated. Because of this, it’s seen as far too risky to do anything that might result in regime change in Pyongyang.

Giving up its nuclear capabilities would take away this failsafe, and it’s hard to see how the Kim regime survives long under such circumstances.

Yet they try this gambit with every U.S. president. They tried it with Clinton, with Bush 43 and with Obama. Now they’re trying it with Trump. They test missiles, bluster about setting the world ablaze, then offer to stop in exchange for economic or trade concessions. Wait a few years and they’re back at it with the nuclear work.

As badly as you want to believe they mean it this time, you still have to be able to verify that they’re doing what they said they’d do, and given the reclusive nature of the country, that’s next to impossible. You’d need unfettered, unannounced access to all nuclear facilities. How can you get that when it’s nearly impossible – and extremely risky – to even enter the country?

Trump can try to get Bowl Cut Jr. to agree to such an inspection/verification arrangement, but good luck. As much as I’d like to believe Trump got results, this sounds like the same old song and dance to me.

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