I am thinking that surely California voters will finally pull their heads out of their butts after four years of a Gavin Newsom horror story

California's Electoral Necessity

By —— Bio and Archives--August 11, 2018

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California is a mess thanks to liberal left Democrat Party policies, ranking last nationally when it comes to quality of life.  As always, the progressive agenda has proven to be a failure.  As most of the country enjoys a booming economy thanks to conservative policies put in play by President Donald J. Trump and a GOP dominated Congress, Jerry Brown and the socialist Democrats in California have kept California limping along as businesses and residents flee the failing State in record numbers due to high taxes, incentive strangling regulations, and draconian parental-style mandates.  In addition to the devastating massive increase in the State Gas Tax and vehicle registration fees (a tax and fee assault Proposition 6 aims to repeal), and the extension of Cap and Trade which threatens even more taxes when it comes to carbon emission energy (which put Assemblyman Chad Mayes in the crosshairs of conservative Republican voters), the Democrats are also pushing an idea to tax us by the mile (since energy efficient vehicles they fought for are now taking a huge bite out of the revenue they once got from gas taxes).  We also have a law signed by the governor that aims to limit water use in the next decade (Rather than seek solutions through an increase of water storage, desalinization or geo-water solutions), a policy of forcing the education industry to discuss homosexuality (and transgenderism) as natural and wonderful, and another policy outlawing aversion therapy (so much for health care for all - Democrats only wish to sponsor health care that fits their ideological agenda, but a desire to act upon a wish to depart from sexual deviancy has been taken away from those people who wish to seek such counseling).  Until the U.S. Supreme Court got involved, California lawmakers even used legislation to force pro-life facilities by force of law to advertise for abortion clinics.


Is California ready to depart from the ways of the liberal left?

While the John Cox candidacy against Democrat offering Gavin Newsom for Governor of California is an important race, I have a feeling that the downward spiral into leftist turmoil is not quite complete.  The former mayor of San Francisco has the Democrat Party base very excited, and John Cox has not exactly done the same for the conservatives.  In fact, I know of a number of Travis Allen supporters from the primary that believe Cox is a larger threat to the California Republican Party than Newsom is, therefore, they refuse to give him their vote.

Personally, while I will vote for Cox out of fear of putting Gavin Newsom into the governor’s mansion, I wonder if perhaps we need the hard left communist crazy guy to get into office to finally show Californians how bad the Democrat Party has gotten, and how desperately this State is in need of Republican Party leadership.

After all, Jimmy Carter led to a Ronald Reagan.  Barack Obama led to a Donald J. Trump.  Is it possible that in California a Gavin Newsom may lead to a new GOP revival in the Golden State, led by a conservative gubernatorial candidate in 2022?

To do that, we need to create a path for the possibility of an increase of Republican presence in Sacramento.  If John Cox were to win the governorship, but the Democrats regain a super-majority, he would be a lame duck that could not possibly get anything done.  Every veto would be overridden by the Democrats with ease.

In California the biggest problems have been that we have an attorney general who defies the Constitution and the rule of law at every turn, and a secretary of state who refuses to address the ridiculous voting rolls problem, and voter fraud, going on in California.

That’s why the two most important statewide office elections in California are for Secretary of State, and Attorney General.

I’ve gotten to know Mark Meuser (the candidate for California Secretary of State), and in our very first conversation way back during the dawn of 2018 he impressed me with his knowledge of American History, and the original intent of the U.S. Constitution.

California’s horrid voter integrity problem may be a large part of what is keeping the GOP out of any position of power.  Could it be that despite the insanity of the heavily populated areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles that the State is more conservative than what we see on the surface?  Could it be that the Democrats have an iron grip not because of popularity, but because of ill-gotten gains on the electoral scene?

Mark Meuser, a constitution and election law attorney, believes he can clean up California’s voter rolls and ensure a less-fraud ridden election process.

We’ve always known that a large problem regarding elections in California existed, but it made its way to the forefront when lawsuits filed in December 2017 by the organizations Judicial Watch and Election Integrity Project California popped the cork off of the Democrat’s game.  The information that emerged through the lawsuits have revealed that 11 of California’s 58 counties have registration rates greater than 100 percent of citizens who are eligible by age. Los Angeles County’s registration rate is 144 percent of its adult citizen population, and California’s registration rate is about 101 percent of its citizens who are eligible by age.

The dead, apparently, rise every couple years to vote.  Folks who have left the State often remain on the rolls, as well.  God knows how many of those people’s data have been hijacked by fraudulent voters and illegal aliens (and how many illegal aliens are even registered to vote).

The lawsuits were also filed because California has the highest rate of inactive registrations of any State in the country, and Los Angeles County has the highest number of inactive registrations of any single county in the country.

Do you think fraud is seeping in through those numbers?

Meuser said he originally thought of running for secretary of state because many of his fellow attorneys believe that the general public in California needed an election law attorney to articulate the complicated issues facing California’s election process. They believe that Meuser could do the job, he said.

As an election law attorney, Meuser helped with the recount efforts in Michigan and Wisconsin in the 2016 presidential election.

“I was one of the first attorneys who were there for the recounts. Over the course of eight days, I was in two different states, six different counties, just watching and observing the process, making sure that every legal vote cast was counted,” Meuser said.

Meuser, in his presentations to groups across the State, points out in particular three counties in Southern California as examples to explain how much could be achieved by the county-level voter registration offices. While Los Angeles County has a 144 percent voter registration rate and San Diego County has a 138 percent rate, between these two counties is Orange County with only an 87 percent rate. This discrepancy could indicate that the public employees in the voter registration office of Orange County have done a better job than those in the two adjacent counties.

Part of the problem with California’s elections also involves how military votes are being handled.

A Pew study showed that the Atate of Virginia had 86 percent of its military votes returned, while California only had 16 percent.

Talk about voter suppression by the Democrats.

“For the last 20 years, the Democratic Party has been in charge, and generally the Democratic Party is not interested in voter ID,” said Meuser

The Democrats are convinced that minorities and the poor are too stupid or lazy to get an ID to vote, therefore calling for someone to have identification in order to vote, according to the Democrats, is racist, oppressive, and a form of voter suppression.

However, at labor union meetings (a.k.a. money laundering operations for the Democrat Party) you better be a member of the union, and have ID to prove it, in order to vote at those gatherings.

Judge Steven Bailey is the candidate who is vying for California attorney general, and he’s right there with Meuser in wanting to straighten out California’s voter rolls and fraud problem.

“We are going to investigate it. When I am elected in January 2019, it will be one of the first things we are going to do, to find out how L.A. County can have 144 percent voter registration.”

The current attorney general, Xavier Becerra, refuses to look into the matter.  He’s too busy making sure the titles and summaries of propositions are misleading, and California only defends laws that fit his hard left narrative.

If Bailey and Meuser win in November, and grab those offices in Sacramento that are supposed to work independently from the governor’s office, and legislature, while Cox may not be able to win this year, a more conservative Republican candidate will definitely have a chance in the next election because unlike the last twenty years of Democrat domination, the playing field will finally be level, again.

Well, there’s that, and I am thinking that surely California voters will finally pull their heads out of their butts after four years of a Gavin Newsom horror story.


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