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Thick with rich, delicious, irony

Canadian govt. launches immigration outreach program…to tell illegals in US not to come to Canada

By —— Bio and Archives--September 9, 2017

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“Canada is better than the U.S. Their population is kinder, they enjoy gun control, their healthcare is better, and their immigration policy is open, warm, and welcoming. They’re not a bunch of racists like the savages to the south.”  That’s the perception American progressives love to push, and the Canadian left likes to play along.  Never mind the fact that achieving Canadian citizenship is far tougher than it is in the United States. They’ve decided to welcome the world to their doorstep because they’re just so gosh-darn loving.

The mouth-breathers in the U.S. are stuck in the past, the great white north is a bastion of enlightenment.  ...At least it was, until they were hit with their own flood of illegals.

Now they’re scrambling to stem what is, by comparison to U.S. numbers, a microscopic wave of illegal border-crossers.  In the first few weeks of August, roughly 4,000 illegals wandered into Canada, up from around 3,000 the month before.  Tent cities popped up on the Canadian border, and citizens are less than thrilled.

Tiger Beat’s Super-dreamy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who infamously tweeted his support for immigrants and refugees earlier this year, is doing his best to have it both ways.

From the Huffington Post in August:

“...asked if the unprecedented number of border crossers was stoking anti-immigrant sentiments in the country, Trudeau condemned the “intolerant, racist demonstrations’’ that have been planned in recent days.

“The small minority, angry, frustrated group of racists don’t get to define who we are as a country, don’t get to tell others who we are and don’t get to change the nature of the open, accepting values that make us who we are,’’ Trudeau said.

“I am proud to be Canadian. I am proud to be a Quebecer and I am proud to stand with millions of Canadians who reject the hateful, harmful, heinous ideologies that we’ve seen in dark corners of both the Internet and our communities from time to time.’‘

Part of those “open and accepting values” is an immigrant outreach program.  Canada is sending an envoy to Miami to meet with the “undocumented” community and   ...warn illegals not to come to Canada.

Wait, what? From CBC News:

Central Americans have long been thought of as the next population primed to make the journey across the Canada-U.S. border due to major changes on the horizon in U.S. immigration policy. That includes the potential end of temporary protected status for nearly 350,000 Salvadorans and Hondurans, meaning all could face deportation to their home countries.

Spanish-speaking MP Pablo Rodriguez had already been tapped as the likely federal point-person for outreach to Hispanics in the U.S., but his trip to L.A. on Friday has been given new impetus.

On Aug. 30, the Spanish-language publication La Prensa reported that the Canadian government was set to welcome Hondurans living in the U.S. with temporary protected status, quoting a community organizer who said he had been contacted by the Canadian Embassy to explore programs.

Except that never happened.

The piece mirrored those that had been circulating in U.S Creole community and social media earlier this summer, cited by some of the Haitians who have arrived in Canada in recent weeks as the reason they decided to come north from the U.S. Since July, some 7,000 asylum seekers have crossed into Canada from Quebec, the majority Haitian.

The surge prompted the Liberal government to hastily arrange for a Creole-speaking MP to visit Miami to try to stem the flow of arrivals. The number of people crossing per day currently sits at under 100, from a high of over 250 this summer. According to multiple government sources, just over 60 people arrived Tuesday.

Continued below...

In other words, when much of the U.S. became fed up with illegal immigration, they were portrayed as racist “phobes” whose hearts were filled with hate. Canada was held up as the prime example of a right-thinking nation.

But, when the states crack down on the problem, and it starts moving north, suddenly there’s a need to “stem the flow?”  This seems like something that boorish monster in the White House would do. What happened to all that talk of being inviting?

I could have sworn that “all these people want is a better life for their families.” Shouldn’t Trudeau and company be eager to give them such a chance? After all, illegals are hard-working and law-abiding They serve only to enhance a country. Isn’t that the message they were sending when they were attacking President Trump for his supposedly callous ways?

What happened to their lofty “open and accepting” values? Aren’t they better than the U.S.?

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