Rangel wants to throw hundreds of millions of dollars at Obamacare

Charlie Rangel: Obamacare Doesn’t Spend Enough Money

By —— Bio and Archives--September 18, 2009

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Not enough money is being thrown around to “fix” things; that’s always the liberal’s lament. Representative Charlie Rangel (D, NY) doesn’t disappoint by shying from this big government, money wasting attitude where it concerns Obamacare, either.

Obama has announced his determination not to sign a bill that adds “one dime” to the deficit and he’s also said that “his” bill will feature a low, low $900 billion price tag. Both of these Obama points seem to be vexing Rep. Rangel because, well, it’s just not enough.

Rangel complained to reporters about Obama’s “restrictions” and said that the president’s policy druthers would reduce coverage for “poor and working people.” He complained that it would be “very difficult” to achieve Obama’s prescriptions and said that Obama’s cost estimate was $100 billion too low.

So, Rangel wants more money thrown at it. In a time when our economy is struggling, Rangel wants to throw hundreds of millions of dollars at Obamacare.

So, where does Rangel think all this cash will come from? Why “the rich,” where else?

Rangel noted that in his speech Obama didn’t mention the new income tax on the wealthy that House Democrats want to use to pay for their bill, favoring a different approach instead — the new tax on high-value insurance plans that Baucus has embraced.

But that isn’t the only “new” source of revenue Democrats want to tap to pay for this new socialized healthcare system. It isn’t just “the rich” that they want to hit.
It’s you.

Especially if you decide not to participate by getting your own healthcare insurance as should be your right as an American. You will be fined if you don’t and that fine will go into funding Obamacare. You won’t be given a chance to make any “choice” as Obama keeps claiming you will be able to. Simply put, you will be a criminal if you try to avoid Obama’s mandates.

But, even if you do plan to participate, you will be paying never before imagined medical care fees to the federal government through your employer because of onerous employer mandates. This will depress any possible raise you might get from your employer. After all, if they have to pay government fees just to employ you, they sure as heck won’t be inclined to give you more money, too.

The point here is that Obama is hiding many of his grab for the cash and his brothers on the far left like Rangel aren’t even disposed to hide it.


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