I believe the Western Democracies may very well have been suckered by the Ruskies, the Chicommes, and maybe even the Arab League, each for its own vested and mischievous reasons

China and Russia Snooker Obama

By —— Bio and Archives--March 29, 2011

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NATO has now merged with the American led ‘Coalition of the Willing’ in their air and ground military insertion into the Libyan Civil War on the side of the anti-Go-daffy crowd.  Since U.N. Resolution 1973 was passed on March 18, anonymous “rebels”, or “protesters”, or “insurgents”, or “freedom fighters”, or “pick-your-own-humanitarian-target-constituency” have been violently jostling with the forces of Muammar Go-daffy for control of the oil rich, Arab, Muslim, and sovereign Islamic Republic of Iran.  As Joe Biden would say, “This is a really big (expletive deleted) deal!”

Criticism of the Coalition’s intervention abounds across the free, and not so free, world.  The spectrum of opinion is wide and multitudinous.  High profile actors enter from both the political stage Left, and the political stage Right.  Why Libya?  Why just Libya?  Why now?  ... and like Butch said to Sundance during their long pursuit by a relentless Mexican posse, “Who are those guys?”  The infamous Liberation Theology guru, Louis Farrakhan, expressed himself with blunt succinctness when he admonished Obama for the president’s harassment of the reverend’s friend, Go-daffy, “Just who the hell do you think you are!”.  Excuse all this bad language, but a simple man like me is confused and flabbergasted.  At one time or another, even big shots, like perhaps even United Nations’ ambassadors, “step in it” so to speak, and consequently, “it” hits the fan.  So just maybe, let it be with Susan Rice, America’s U.N. ambassador, and her merry band of successful Security Council “brilliant” diplomats. 

I believe the Western Democracies may very well have been suckered by the Ruskies, the Chicommes, and maybe even the Arab League, each for its own vested and mischievous reasons.  On the Sunday political talk shows just after Resolution 1973 was passed, Obama’s sycophants marveled at the brilliant diplomatic dexterity of Ambassador Rice.  Wow, how did she get them to do that?  Without the Rusky and Chicomm abstentions, the Resolution was dead.  Without those abstentions, Rice’s mantra could have been, “Oh shucks, gee whiz, we wanted and tried to do the right thing, but… Back to the drawing board, EH?”  But “but” yourself, Madame Ambassador, China and Russia withheld their vetoes, and boy oh boy, we’re now at ‘war’ with Libya, or, as Obama has curiously renamed it, we’re in a KINETIC MILITARY ACTION. 

the Ruskies and Chicomms are walking away from this whole messy business.  They are blameless, uncommitted, uninvolved, and inconsequential.  In fact, they are our enablers.  They can take the position held by Colin Powell in the days of Iraq, “You break it, it’s yours.”  Knock yourselves out guys, literally!  As for the Arab League, who knows what they’re up to?  Rent the film, Lawrence of Arabia, seriously.  Then rent another of the all time greats, The Hustler.  For all our “brilliant” diplomacy, we may very well have just been hustled and snookered by Russia and China.  Da ya think…?


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Doug is a retired teacher, living on the banks of the mighty Sydenham River beyond the eastern outskirts of Wallaceburg, Ontario.  Before entering the teaching profession, Doug spent fifteen years back and forth between a family business and the Universities of Windsor and Western Ontario.

Doug and his wife enjoy the company of our two children, four grandchildren, and a very spoiled indoor/outdoor brown tabby named Aslan.  Doug also dabble, as an assistant, in the genealogical research and writing pursuits of wife Margaret.

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