The Swamp runs deep and it’s messy. But as for China and the Trade Deficit, let’s give credit where it’s due-- Bill Clinton

China and the Deficit

By —— Bio and Archives--May 25, 2018

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China and the Deficit, Bill Clinton, Missile technology
We hear a lot of moaning and groaning about China, the USA and the trade deficit. But this story is not a simple one and goes deep. However, there is a reason for what has evolved from the early days of modern China to what she has become today. First, a little background is in order.

China’s variegated supremacy in the world is not an accident. There was a time, though, when China was not a first class, top-tier nation. She was struggling as many others have done around the world and some still do. To put it in perspective, India was also a struggling nation and still is, in many ways, primarily because of the mass of people that try to merely survive and because the government is hard put to make it happen, somewhat similar to China’s modern history and for the same reasons.


By comparing China’s survival attempts through the decades with those of other countries and we find some similarities and some differences. For a realistic comparison to be realized, however, not only must it be done between China and other countries, what we see today in China must also be compared with China’s past, also.

Perhaps some profit can be realized if comparisons are made between China and with countries much smaller than India but if we keep in mind that both China and India are not small countries either in landmass or population, these factors alone cannot be ignored.

Bottom line is that China today is in the process of establishing some high degree of success but this is not only in comparison with other countries at the same tier level, relatively speaking, but also gauging China’s situation today with those in times since the early 1900s.

And now let’s see a few details about how China came to be what she is today…

One of the greatest factors in China’s position in the world today is because in May, 1994 the country was given Most Favored Nation status by none other than Bill Clinton. The story in some detail is here.

That website says, in part:

President Clinton Thursday reversed course on China and renewed its trade privileges despite what he said was Beijing’s lack of significant progress on human rights.

Echoing the case made by George Bush when he was president, Clinton said he was convinced the Chinese would take more steps to improve human rights if the issue were separated from the threat of trade sanctions.

“This decision offers us the best opportunity to lay the basis for long-term sustainable progress on human rights and for the advancement of our other interests with China,” he said at a news conference announcing his decision to extend China’s most-favored-nation (MFN) trade status.

Most Favored Nation, indeed…

There is some emotional rationale used by Clinton when he did this and to a large degree he was inferring that there would be a great benefit to the people of China. He just stopped short of saying it was for the children but no doubt this was lodged somewhere deep in his liberal mind.

And this was done by Clinton even though he said he would not do it, previously. The article’s headline, in fact, states:

Clinton Grants China MFN, Reversing Campaign Pledge

Ah, but there’s more. He gave away secrets; yes this was done by Bill Clinton in May 1999.

This was headlined this way:

Clinton Approves Technology Transfer to China

And from here it gets more and more suspicious about Clinton giving away secrets to China. For example, we can see what Clinton did by looking back to those days but here’s another headline that relates to Bill Clinton and how he gave one of America’s secrets to the Chinese:

And it’s just one more for the background of the story/stories relating to Bill Clinton.

Flashback: Bill Clinton gave China missile technology

Clinton did his part in giving away the American farm

It was purportedly given to China through the Department of Agriculture with the idea pushed around in the Media that it was for agricultural purposes! However, it is significant that one of China’s high-level military leaders gleefully said that without that technology, they could not have retrieved the Chinese astronaut in their first venture into space.

Before we point to China as the “dirty dog in the deficit,” remember who helped make it happen. Imagine, on the other hand, Donald Trump signing papers to give China (or any country) missile technology and doing it before getting approval from Congress… Oh glory be! Liberals and the Media would be all over it and be up all night figuring how to make it a noose fit snugly around Donald Trump’s neck.

This would be the vindication for the time spent on the Russian “Collusion Illusion” and even though it would not be Russia in the collusion, for the Left/Democrats China would do nicely, thank you… In fact, I suspect that Hillary’s party spinning off from this news would be seen by her and her closest friends as if it were the postponed election party.

The whole show was given away by Bill Clinton as regards China. Having Most Favored Nation (MFN) status allowed China to surge ahead in their struggling status and enter the modern world, leaving behind other countries including some that yet continue to struggle. The advantages of MFN sweep across the economic and societal spectrum .It also proves how the benefits of being on the inside track with America has consequences that extend well into the future.

No wonder Bill Clinton is popular around the world — Clinton did his part in giving away the American farm. This benefited many of those in the world or, at least, their leaders. For China to be where she is today is due in great part to the action of President Bill Clinton who circumvented the law and did things that were without precedent. And circumventing the law was also done by Precedent Barack Obamas, by the way.

President Trump has much to set straight and no doubt the Democrats will be unwilling to help him in this considering how much help they have given him since he was duly elected. This lack of concern for correcting the ship of state also includes those “Republicans” who are more like Democrats than their constituency believed when they voted for them. In fact, it is almost impossible to know the difference between Democrats and Renegade Republicans.

The Swamp runs deep and it’s messy. But as for China and the Trade Deficit, let’s give credit where it’s due.


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