Progressives' Fascist Agenda in Education

Choose: Christ or your Masters Degree

By —— Bio and Archives--July 23, 2010

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I recently read a thought provoking article about the issue of growing religious persecution of Christians on an American University Campus that likely happens on other campuses.


Should this graduate student at Augusta State University have to believe a prescribed political ideology disguised as a code of ethics in order to receive a counseling degree? Or should that student have the right to her freedom of speech and religion, and an equal opportunity in society?

Here is another great example of Progressives’ Fascist Agenda in Education. Go further into the article and one might conclude that this action by the Augusta State University Administration is therefore acceptable at the Georgia State Department of Education. [Note, they speak loudly by their silence.] Do your own due diligence regarding the Federal Government and Secretary Arne Duncan’s positions at the USDE.

Public education was conceived and organized to be planned, funded, and overseen by local authorities ... something similar to the philosophy that the best government is that closest to the people. What is happening today is a travesty and nothing short of an attempt at re-education or a even a form of brainwashing [that favorite Soviet technique]. Originally, public education sought to teach students facts, skills such as reading and writing and arithmetic, and practical methods for learning and thinking. This grand experiment has evolved into institutions of social engineering whose students exhibit appalling failure rates, adult illiteracy, an inability to think for themselves, and a loss of competitive edge as working Americans.

This case study also reflects a violation of this young Master’s Degree Candidate’s Free Speech and Freedom of Religion and a denial of her Equal Opportunity at a taxpayer-supported University. For fully the past two generations, the Marxist/Liberal/Progressive folks [adjectives they themselves claim] have captured the education establishments at every level. They have installed revisionist History that teaches abridged fiction, the New Math incompetency, disputed Scientific Theories taught as indisputable fact, and have supplanted Biology and the Scientific Method with speculation, leading to dubious social teachings.

Brave New Secular Progressive Vision

The likely purpose here, by these Administrators and others like them throughout this country, is the desire to rid America of those pesky orthodox Christian and Jewish theological philosophies and teachings; to re-order Society into their “Brave New Secular Progressive Vision” from top to bottom. This is most un-American by any measure. People are being taught what to think, not how to think. To see how far this idiocy has progressed, just watch Bill O’Reilly’s segment called “Culture Warriors” [Thursday evening segment I believe]. You will quickly see how acceptable relativist views of life’s choices have become. Even so-called moderates and conservatives demonstrate weekly, on this segment, that they are willing to accept the “truth” of any new social more that comes along as a demonstration of their “tolerance.” O’Reilly himself is often shocked at what these guests believe, and he is no prude.

Relativism is not a Left or Right thing; it is a Right or Wrong thing. Jihadism is thought to be rigid Muslim Orthodoxy. I would argue in contrast that it is completely arbitrary and relativistic because that religion has no foundation other than a cult of personality and the claims of feuding disciples of Mohammed. Murdering the infidel is a tenet of all branches of this religion, as is treating women as inferior beings, and killing those who refuse to submit, convert, and obey. And please, don’t allow, or give me some “red herring BS” about Christianity and Judaism being the same thing. They are not, and by doing so you would allow a horrible ignorance to be uttered. No one wants that to happen. Judeo-Christianity puts its teachings and rules for civilized living to the test, and they have stood the test of time 5000+ years in Judaism and 2000+ years in it’s scion Christianity.

I hope we snap out of this soon. I shall try to be positive. An Australian friend of mine quotes Winston Churchill, one of my heroes, to cheer up my gloomy outlook, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing -  after they’ve tried everything else.”

Tolerance does not mean accepting every fad, relativism, demagoguery, false ideology, flawed logic, or implausible argument

Tolerance does not mean accepting every fad, relativism, demagoguery, false ideology, flawed logic, or implausible argument for the sake of being nice and getting along. Tolerance involves critical thinking, not to be found in any of the aforementioned situations. Neither does tolerance involve the flawed employment of situational ethics. Here is one general dictionary definition of tolerance:  “The capacity for, or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.”  Tolerance does not mean that you or I must accept others’ beliefs as true, nor should any one force their beliefs onto others. We should, however, expect critical thinking. Here, instead, is more lazy acceptance; these Administrators believe that thinking is bad for you.

Our President, also, has said that there is too much information out there to sort through. Exactly. Too much uncontrolled information is his enemy. I say, the more information the better. If one has critical method, one can sort through much madness. Obama does not care for critical thinking and “too much information.” If he did, he would not have had two racial embarrassments: one within USDA this week, and the other involving the Cambridge [MA] Police last year. If you buy into the NAACP and Progressives’ claim, Fox News, Talk Radio, and web news like this is “intolerant and racist.” In the cases above you may want to read the timelines of those incidents and see who shot from the hip. Who had to eat crow? This case is not dissimilar. Please read the article in that light and judge for yourselves. Then ask yourself cases by case, who are the real bigots in this story and elsewhere? It’s hard work to be a good citizen in a republic. Just do it.

Beer summit, anyone?


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