No more tingles.

Chris Matthews laments: Trump inaugural speech ‘unpleasant’ and not ‘charming’

By —— Bio and Archives--January 23, 2017

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Chris Matthews is clearly missing the tingle. There is no longer a thrill running up his leg. Like a jilted lover, he desperately desires to be wooed once more and, apparently, he was hoping that President Donald Trump would do that in his inaugural address.

It seems Trump was too harsh and abrupt in his speechmaking. Tingles was left unsatisfied, and came away disappointed.

Now, he wonders where the music was…

“He’s funny, he listens, he has an intake valve, and yet when he gets in front of the public the other day, gives the biggest speech of his life, and it was not inclusive, t wasn’t charming. There was no music to it.

“There’s nothing of, you know, ‘I know you voted against me, some of you people in the ‘burbs especially.  I think I’m going to change your mind. By the way, 29 percent of you Hispanic people voted for me. I’m going to make you proud you did that. 42 percent of women voted for me yesterday. I’m going to make you proud to do that.’”

“Why didn’t he talk to the people who stuck their necks out to vote for the guy who are minorities? And women especially?”


“There was no charm or outreach to the speech. It was so unpleasant,” Matthews concluded. Then he pondered aloud, “Why couldn’t he be a charmer?”

What Chris really means is, “why couldn’t Mr. Trump be more like his predecessor?”

Woe.  Woe to Chris Matthews.

The thrill is gone.

h/t The Daily Caller

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