The Senate is pushing Kerry-Leiberman, in a dead heat race with the EPA, to see who can place humanity into carbon tax shackles and chains the fastest

ClimateGate Plus EIGHT

By —— Bio and Archives--July 22, 2010

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Yes, it’s hard to believe that is been over eight months….and at least five whitewashes….and a dozen,  IPCC admitted non-peer reviewed research retractions….and finally expert Dr Roy Spencer is going to stick his toe into the tepid water of denial.  Here’s what this brave climate scientist had to say:


“Adding more [CO2] ‘should’ cause warming, with the magnitude of that warming being the real question.  But I’m open to the possibility that a major error has been has been made on this fundamental point”

Scientific Fraud, IPCC Fraud, Main Stream Media

Yeah, like violation of Laws of Thermodynamics, ignoring numerous past cycles of heating AND cooling that were independent of carbon dioxide and that there has been a decade of cooling in spite of a continuous increase of carbon dioxide.  For just those reasons you should be beyond “open to possibility of error”….you should be shouting “THIS IS SCIENTIFIC FRAUD”.  You should be behaving like the rest of the informed and ethical scientists on this planet. 

Dr Roy Spencer has a PhD in Meteorology, is past Senior Climate Study Director at Marshall Space Flight Center and——at University of Alabama since 2001.  He is author of Climate Confusion and The Great Global Warming Blunder.  Somebody buy this guy a clue.  The ethical scientists of Earth have no ‘confusion’ about this ‘blunder’.  It has been a top down directed, intentional taxpayer rip-off from the get-go.

But, here we are eight months, five whitewashes and a dozen IPCC frauds later and where is the MAIN STREAM MEDIA ? ? ?  They are in the same place I wrote about the first week of December, 2009.  Remember “hide the decline”?  Well the MSM is ‘hiding’ the truth and ‘declining’ to provide debate.  Here’s a flashback for the MSM, of my gauntlet toss back then:

High Noon on Main Street

Here we are, more than two weeks into the worst scandal in the history of science and not a peep from our omnipotent protectors of freedom, the stonewalling, Main Stream Media.  These great proponents of the ‘fairness doctrine’ seem very selective in their self imposed enforcement.  What is becoming apparent is the blatant hypocrisy that defines this information backwater.  The longer they linger, the lamer they look. 

Soon the camera will be turned and all will see the MSM for the putty faced, over coiffed, thesaurus tortured teleprompter text reading sock puppets that they are. Their duplicity in this dreadful fraud will be regarded as despicable as long as there is one free human on the planet.  Two decades of relentless global warming propaganda has come to its end.  There are plenty of highly qualified spokesmen for the rational explanations of ‘climate change’ waiting to explain reality.  We have had enough.

Its high noon….We’re standing on Main Street….We’re callin’  you out….

Media silence is the scandal within a scandal brought to you by the scoundrels who promoted the scoundrels.  This will not stand in the new post-Hadley world.  Science is now free and FREEDOM is highly contagious.

Veritas Vos Liberabit ! ! !

Yes, here we are eight months into the post-Hadley world and almost the entire cast of Clima-Clownologists have remained silent, or continued to advocate for this greatest fraud in the history of the world.  The MSM has refused review or debate.  The Senate is pushing Kerry-Leiberman, in a dead heat race with the EPA, to see who can place humanity into carbon tax shackles and chains the fastest.  If YOU have had enough, please call your Senator today.


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