Predictions about administration coming true: Nuclear Iran, Islamic Caliphate, Reincarnation of the Soviet Union, Permanent underclass of poverty stricken American

Collapsing America

By —— Bio and Archives--November 12, 2014

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I’m sure no one is terribly surprised at the recent revelations that the much-hyped “Affordable” “Care” Act was passed on the basis of lies and deceit. Or as its architect, economist Jonathan Gruber gleefully told a group of health economists, ignorance afforded a political advantage and the bill was passed because of “the stupidity of the American voter.”


If anyone is surprised at this revelation, then perhaps Gruber’s assessment of Americans was correct. Think about it: a guy comes along and tells you that he can provide the same level of quality and service in a new healthcare program that will at once cover more people, reduce overall costs, deliver better quality of service with better outcomes to boot. And on top of that he promises that you can keep your existing doctor and insurance plan.

To say that anyone who falls for this is gullible is to be overly charitable. During the lead up to passage of this train wreck, more sentient minds questioned the basic premise of the ACA, pointing out that it was neither “affordable,” nor did it have anything much to do with “care.” More accurately put, the ACA should be renamed the Secret Takeover Of Mindless Patsies law (STOMP), because that’s exactly what this law was designed to do.

Gruber’s explanation that had the Congressional Budget Office been given the straight goods on the law prior to its passage they could have scored the costs vs. benefits, which would have forever doomed passage. And all this time we thought Obama and the Democrats were incompetent, when in reality they’re planning a total takeover of life in America.

But it’s not like Americans weren’t warned. The vast Right Wing Conspiracy (myself included) railed against this law and cited countless jurisdictions where the government takeover of medical care went awry; including Canada, the UK, and Cuba. Saner minds pointed out that no government could provide all the goodies hyped over the ACA. There was talk of ‘death panels,’ questions about what would motivate medical innovations if there wasn’t a reward for the innovator and more importantly, the simple arithmetic of adding 15 to 30 million uninsured people at a lower overall cost. Right.

Healthcare system under its current guise will totally crash and burn, necessitating a government takeover, instituting a single payer system

The American people are the big losers here because the healthcare system under its current guise will totally crash and burn, necessitating a government takeover and instituting a single payer system. In the process the health insurance industry will face a total collapse, as they were the patsies whose greed made them complicit in this scheme.

The idea that younger people would willingly A) buy health insurance, since being ill is the last thing on a young person’s mind, and B) that they would willingly pay more so that the old codgers could also be covered is preposterous and totally goes against the grain of human nature. The insurance companies made their deal with the devil believing his sweet talk and in the very near future they will find themselves in an untenable situation, as the actuarial tables won’t mesh with the realities of ObamaCare. Already we are hearing rumblings of reduced expectations for the coming year as fewer younger people are choosing not to enroll. Insurance companies can’t eat that loss because they have shareholders to answer to. It’s highly likely the system will collapse within the next 24 months.

It’s also highly likely that the collapse of the system was pre-planned, as outlined in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Ideologues do not care who or how many get hurt, so long as they get their desired outcome. And if you’re an America-hating left-wing radical, then being able to collapse the system seems pretty cool.

Collapsing America appears to have been the plan of this president all along. Recent news of US Immigration Courts remanding the cases of most of the youngsters that entered America through the southern border, has increased the Courts’ caseloads by tens of thousand of cases and will cost taxpayers billions of dollars, as none of the waifs have or can afford their own lawyers.

All of the worst predictions made about this administration are beginning to come true, including a nuclear Iran, an Islamic Caliphate, a reincarnation of the Soviet Union and a permanent underclass of poverty stricken Americans. Remarkable as it seems, impeachment has been permanently taken off the table because of race.

That’s analogous to having a family member that sexually abuses your children and you don’t want to press charges because he’s family. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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