President Obama and our Prime Minister

Cooperation is needed indeed, but “carte-blanche” ? NO-WAY!

By —— Bio and Archives--February 19, 2011

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As a Canadian, I’m a bit taken aback on what President Obama and our Prime Minister are talking about behind closed doors! I can agree we need more joint workings but these need to be discussed so we know what is going on.

In my mind “trust” and being “open” are matters that do not phase our Prime Minister. I get the distinct feeling he’d likely steal his grandmothers gold from her teeth! We need to protect Canada and Canadians not give into the Americans because it sounds good.

Imagine arriving at our border to be met by an American border guard. Is he there to protect our interests or Americans? It could happen and unless we take issue it will, as Harper in my opinion wears an American flag and his heart is truer to America than it is to Canada. I’m sorry, but in my opinion it seems when the Americans say jump… Harper says “how high”.

Cooperation is needed indeed but “carte-blanche” NO-WAY. Ask yourself the $5.50 fee Obama has put in his budget to be charged to those who enter the USA by ship or plane… would we as Canadians be funding what Harper and Obama talk about? I dare suggest we, if this happens, need to impose a $5.50 plus exchange on those entering Canada. Tit for Tat, but Harper will come up with a reason not to impose this fee!!

The Americans already have the capability to figure out how much toilet paper you use… what else do they want to know?

Tom Brewer
Regina, Saskatchewan

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