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Count Down to Impeachment

By —— Bio and Archives--July 30, 2014

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I am starting to understand how the people of France must have felt when they took to the streets under the shadow of the Champs Elysees in late August of 1944 to greet their allied liberators. It was a joyous occasion; young women tossing flowers, kissing the boys who fought for their liberation, signs proclaiming Vive De Gaulle as uncontrollable joy and exuberance washed over the euphoric crowd.


But just beneath the celebratory cheer must have been a sense of dread and foreboding as memories of the dark tyranny of fascism that ground French freedom under the jackboot of their Nazis occupiers still hung malodorously in the air. Seventy years later, for Americans and for freedom lovers everywhere, November 4, 2014 will be their liberation day, as the stage is set to finally hold Obama and the Democrat Party to account for their oppressive and totalitarian occupation of the White House. Vive America!

Although calls for Obama’s impeachment have echoed throughout America for years the upcoming mid-term elections will be the first time the Republicans are in a clear position to call the President to task. With approval ratings for Obama and the Democrat Party at all time lows is it very likely that Republicans will get their coveted majority in the Senate, and with it the last hurdles to impeachment will be swept away. At the very least Americans can breathe a sigh of relief as the Democrat wrecking ball is rendered impotent by Republicans holding majorities in Congress and the Senate. While a lame duck session will at least temporarily defang the progressive beast, for many, simply holding Obama at bay doesn’t adequately redress the damage he has done to their country and constitution. The tides of freedom and liberty are rising but there is much work to do as the mid-term elections, and a republican majority in the senate, are far from certain. Not based on public sentiment mind you, rather on the uncanny way that Democrats have of stealing elections, and the growing resentment conservatives feel towards the Republican Party which may hamper voter turn-out.

Speaker Boehner’s ineffectiveness and timidity have sewn considerable doubt

Although the liberal media and pop culture producers have done everything possible to distort and revise history in favour of their progressive ideology we have not forgotten how, with the stroke of a dictator’s pen, Obama legalized two million aliens just before the last presidential election. At the same time the Democrats have tried to eliminate photo identification at the polls in the name of combating racism, while granting illegal aliens drivers licenses just in case. Unfortunately this first round was merely a vanguard as another 11 million illegal aliens—the unofficial number is much higher—are set to be granted legal status any day now. Am I the only one who thinks the timing of these amnesties is awfully coincidental? Remember all those Obama supporters that stepped out of the shadows to proudly admit they had voted several times for their dear leader in 2012? Remember also that the election software that records, counts and reports results for 26 states—or 900 jurisdictions—is foreign owned by Spanish online voting company SCYTL. And we remember how the Democrats delayed implementation of many of their enormously damaging policies until after the 2012 election to mitigate threats to their re-election bid. In fact it worked so well that they’re repeating the practice for the upcoming mid-terms. And we’re all waiting for mysterious and countervailing Democrat ballots to be found in the trunks of cars should certain districts vote the wrong way—that is for Republicans.

Getting out the Republican vote will be crucial in the 2014 mid-terms but the mistrust that most conservatives have of the Republican Party will no doubt hamper the cause. Speaker Boehner’s ineffectiveness and timidity have sewn considerable doubt as have the shenanigans of the RNC in their cynical race-baiting tactics to gin up democrat support for their RINO-man Thad Cochran, who went on to defeat the Tea Party Candidate by the narrowest of margins in Mississippi. The complicity in supporting amnesty for illegal aliens shown by many Republicans also has conservative voters rightly miffed. In spite, the few Tea Party victories—including the stunning victory over Eric Cantor—have given many freedom-lovers hope that the pendulum is swinging in favour of Liberty and populist politics. Still, whether all this enough to take the Senate is far from certain.

We also have to remember that defeating Santa Clause in an election is difficult to do and we are waiting to see what goodies, in addition to amnesty, the Democrats plan to hand out to buy votes. With a record 128M—or more than one in three—Americans on some form of government assistance, the Democrats have certainly built up an army of dependants that may favour more government cheese over freedom and liberty. Hopefully Americans haven’t forgotten that capitalism and self reliance built their nation into one of the greatest on the face of the Earth. And rather than perpetuating and growing their dependency one can only hope Americans reject government hand-outs in favour of renewed job opportunities and the power of free markets to restore their country to its former glory.

During my research into this article I queried Obama scandals and my search engine almost blew up as it spit out nearly 10 million links. Seems Americans have a new past time of creating “Top Lists of Obama Scandals” since their current president has certainly provided them with plenty of grist for the mill. Peter Andrew’s article Official Obama Administration Scandal List on Conservative America.org is the most comprehensive account and lists over 2,300 lies, broken promises and flip flops. Andrew has a supplementary list of scandals that documents the more recent ones which may be linked from the original article which is found at Conservativeamerican.org. While most of the smaller controversies may be chalked up to “business as usual” a few of Obama’s scandals are truly beyond the pale:

Obama Scandals

  • Trillions of dollars of new debt and hundreds of trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities
  • Money printing gone wild
  • NSA spying
  • Benghazi
  • The loss of Iraq
  • Betrayal of Israel and other allies
  • Berghahl
  • DOJ targeting conservatives
  • DOJ’s persecution of the press
  • Extra-congressional changes made to Obamacare
  • IRS targeting conservative groups and the cover-up including destruction of evidence
  • Recess appointments
  • The planned flood of illegal immigrant children and the expected mass amnesty
  • Unprecedented quantity of executive orders
  • Appointment of Czars
  • TARP
  • Destroying NASA and nurturing the military through unilateral disarming in the face of growing terrorist threats
  • The abysmal failure of the so-called “Arab Spring”
  • The countless and lavish family vacations and fundraising on the public’s dime

While the above list is a prosecutor’s playground, the IRS scandal, recess appointments and failing to secure the border certainly qualify as impeachable offenses. It has been argued that none of the scandals qualify as high crimes and misdemeanors but I think it’s more helpful to look at Obama’s impeachment as an aggregate of transgressions against the Constitution, or a sort of life-time achievement award. There is an enormous moral hazard when allowing a president to flagrantly disregard the Constitution. History has shown that elected officials tend to build on and push the boundaries even further beyond where past transgressors have pushed them and if overriding Congress with the stroke of the President’s pen is allowed to stand, God help us all. 

At present the Republican-majority controlled House can bring impeachment charges but a Senate vote is required to try impeachments; this is unlike since Democrats hold the Senate majority. Should the Republicans win the majority in the Senate there is nothing standing in the way of finally bring this imperial presidency to an end. While many have said that the best insurance against Obama’s impeachment is Joe Biden—who American talk show radio host Mark Levin calls the dumbest man to ever serve in politics—I’d rather take a dummy than a dictator. And should the Republicans eventually take the presidency in 2016—thus solidifying majorities in all three branches—the painful process of cleaning up can finally begin. Although it took nearly 50 years to rebuild Europe after WW2 we hope it will not take as long to repair America. And should the Republicans hold a victory parade after throwing Obama and the Democrats out of office, I will be out front, throwing flowers and possibly planting wet ones on the likes of Cruz, Gohmert, Sass, Palin, West and the many other Tea Party liberators.


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