And what will come of this *proof* of investigation? What happens next? Nothing.


By —— Bio and Archives--December 16, 2016

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Yes, by any Democrat Fake News Lies—designed to intimidate and shut you up—the damn “birth certificate” is still a proven fake.

It’s a forgery.

The birth certificate presented to you online by “Barack Hussein Al-Obama,” is nothing more than a creepy, Halloween, nightmare fraud, made with help from E-Bay and Kinkos.

This has never been admitted by the world’s most powerful liar, cheat, free-loader and thief.

Or, by his—Keeper of the Royal Secrets—his overbearing, scowly wife.

Or, by their REALLY creepy, magical mystery manager, Valerie “The Phantom” Jarrett.

They should all be investigated, prosecuted, and punished to the fullest extent of US, American law—as it used to be, before the cursed trio corrupted our American jurisprudent (legal) system.

From WND.com, 12/15/2016:

“Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference on Thursday to release information he says proves that President Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate is a forgery.

“Arpaio said he received information in 2011 that indicated the certificate could have been forged, and he consulted forensic experts from around the world who agree it is not authentic.”

—Arpaio found nine points of reported forgery, in the Soetoro-Obama birth certificate. “Security” paper and “official” stamps are easily available online, or at Kinkos, “no questions asked.”

The “birth certificate” copied numerous points of a total stranger—a person not Soetoro—named Johanna Ah’Nee. Her birth certificate was the apparently proven model for Soetoro’s forged certificate.

No proof has ever been found that Soetoro ever even legally changed his name to his three self-chosen, warrior Arabic names: Barack Hussein Obama.

His real name is Barry Soetoro.

So, who actually took the Oath of Office of President of the United States of America? And why did Barry Soetoro take the Oath twice—both times he was elected?

Did he take it under one name, or several?

Did he swear on a Bible, a Koran, or a copy of Alinksky’s “Rules For Radicals”?

Does the Oath, therefore, even apply to him?

So…here it finally is for review: world-shocking, investigative proof of the greatest fraud ever pulled on the American people and planet Earth. Fraud, infiltration, subversion, and the near-destruction of America and the world.

From Dictionary.com
1. the act of destroying or state of being destroyed; demolition
2. a cause of ruin or means of destroying

Word Origin
C14: from Latin dēstructiō a pulling down; see destroy”


Continued below...

And what will come of this *proof* of investigation? What happens next?


Nobody will do a damn thing.

Am I saying there will be no punishment; no consequences to this astonishing, breathtaking lie by Barry Soetoro and his enabling, conspiring confidantes?


I’m saying exactly that.

Hey! I’m saying it to you—you apparent serfs; peons; poor, dumbed down, declawed, spayed, leaderless, kittens. Because you will do nothing. Because you are broken.

Because Soetoro—unlike you, or anybody you know—is above the law.

He could even be played in a movie by Steven Segal—“Above The Law.”

Oh, wait…that could be “fake news.” Segal is friends with Putin.

I’d like to have some cold LaBatt’s Blue, and Philly hot pepper hoagies, with those two guys.


He can go back to Chicago—hell.

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Jeffrey A. Friedberg is an American, a former, Big City, licensed private detective, who operated his own detective agency out of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and has worked in other east coast states of America. He has also been an undercover anti-crime operative, a DOD-cleared security provider, a nuclear plant security clearance investigator, and an Internet website optimizer and promoter. He earned a BA degree by majoring in English Literature, with a minor in Sociology. Also, at Temple University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he studied: infrastructure of the Kuomintang, the Yakusa, counter-insurgency, Soviet and Nazi propaganda techniques, Shoto-Kan Karate (under Teryuki Okazaki), Judo, and other matters. His favorite beer is Canadian, Moose Head. Drawing on his investigative experience, Friedberg has made himself the author of seven paranormal and satirical political thriller books on Amazon.

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