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‘Crumbs’ keep coming, and Democrats keep lying

By —— Bio and Archives--February 21, 2018

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'Crumbs' keep coming, and Democrats keep lying
One of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas is Lakeside, on the lower level of the Wynn Hotel. Everything on the menu is great! Fresh fish, other seafood, beef and salads, you name it! I’ve tried them all!

Lisa is one of the bartenders. I usually have my meal at the bar if I’m dinning in a hurry. She is an admitted liberal thinker, and we usually have some spirited debates about the political issues of the day. I would usually avoid such debates when I’m on a relaxation trip, but she is a “savable” liberal.

Most liberals will not listen, and they ignore the facts

Lisa will at least listen and research the facts. Most liberals will not listen, and they ignore the facts as I have pointed out in this space frequently.

Recently, I asked Lisa if she had seen an increase in her take-home pay as a result of the tax plan passed by Republicans and signed into law by President Trump. She said she did not notice, but her manager had just given her something today that looked like it might be a check.

She went and got it and opened it, and it was a check for an amount of 2018 payroll withholdings so far this year that her employer did not need to withhold. It was not crumbs as she exclaimed!

I then pointed out to her that the Republicans and President Trump made that possible. And! No Democrats voted to pass that legislation. She was shocked, and said she would research my claims. I said that’s great, which is why she is savable!

Lisa asked if this is going to continue. I said yes, proportionately in each paycheck instead of a lump sum. She was speechless, which is nearly impossible for her.

More money in your paycheck is very transparent, and it’s not crumbs/

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other elected Democrats said the tax cut was Armageddon, as in the end of the world and the end of our nation. Pelosi also said the bonuses and checks received by hard-working people like Lisa were crumbs.

The Democrats didn’t bother to ask the hard-working people like Lisa.

The Democrats are counting on the help of the liberal media to continue to deceive half of the nation, in the hope that people will not remember in November 2018. As Jonathan Gruber said, “lack of transparency and the stupidity of the American people” is how the Democrats continue to shove crap down the throats of the people.

More money in your paycheck is very transparent, and it’s not crumbs/

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