“A people without history is like a tree without roots.” Is this what Canadians want their nation to become— a dead tree?

Culture Wars: The Battle For The Soul Of Canada

By —— Bio and Archives--February 9, 2016

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The recent election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ushered in not only a new era of politics within Canada, but more broadly speaking, a new era within Canadian society as a whole. Interestingly, the roots of this era began with another Prime Minister by the name of Trudeau—Justin’s father, Pierre.

In basic terms, it was former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who brought into existence the post-modern era of multicultural Canada. At the time, few Canadians appeared to object— not that they had any choice in the matter. Simply put, Trudeau Sr. made a decision on behalf of all Canadians to eradicate our nation’s bi-cultural English and French identity, and replace it with what he termed “multiculturalism within a bi-lingual framework.”


A succession of Liberal and Conservative governments would follow, all of which fully endorsed Multicultural policy— including its mandate to deliver hundreds of millions in tax dollars each year to third world-oriented immigration and multicultural organizations. It was over the next several decades— with the helping hand of leading journalists and media outlets— that the diversity ethos permeated our social consciousness to the degree that it became fully sacrosanct within Canadian society.

It would not be until the election of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government in 2006 that this virulent brand of political correctness began to be questioned. Much of this was precipitated by a rise in a variety of contentious issues related to Islamic law— for example, a lady who insisted on covering her face with a “niqab” during her citizenship ceremony. Additional public discontent was also stirred up through the senseless murder of Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the hands of an Islamic fundamentalist.

In general, the Canadian public were opposed to the niqab-wearing migrant. Multiple public opinion polls indicated the majority of Canadians were not in favour of one individual defying 147 years of Canadian tradition to accommodate their personal religious beliefs. Sensing public discontent, the ruling Conservative government began to pursue legal measures to remedy the situation, as well as to take steps to protect citizens from future acts of terrorism on Canadian soil.

All this ended the day Justin Trudeau was elected to office. What ensued in its place? Why, nothing less than a full scale resurrection of father Pierre’s personal vision for the future of Canada.

Justin Trudeau believes in a Canada rooted not in national identity, but rather in an abstract concept of “shared values.”

As publicly stated, Justin Trudeau believes in a Canada rooted not in national identity, but rather in an abstract concept of “shared values.” What, dare we ask, gives Justin the right to impose his personal vision upon 35 million Canadians? Why, the very same thing that gave father Pierre the right to eradicate English and French biculturalism— nothing at all. For the Trudeau clan, simply being a Trudeau in name is reason enough to single-handedly alter the destiny of our nation.

Based upon his actions thus far, one must wonder if our current pin-up Prime Minister is at all aware there are millions of conservative-leaning Canadians who vehemently disagree with his plan to marginalize English and French Canadian identity.

What a curious social dynamic this has led to— indeed, a battle of sorts. On one hand we have what may be termed “traditional” Canada—those of us who value and wish to preserve the historical identity of our country. On the other side, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government—in partnership with all those intent on globalizing our nation, eradicating our heritage and vilifying anyone who questions the agenda.

Perhaps, we shouldn’t be all that surprised. If one takes a look at what is occurring politically in nations such as Germany, France and Britain, it is not difficult to gain a premonition of what may occur in Canada by way of a world-wide globalist agenda. Thankfully, our nation is not as far along in the process of social decay as these unfortunate countries.

However, let us not count our grain-fed chickens before they hatch. If permitted, Justin Trudeau will lead Canadians down a path of political polarization so extreme it will make the Grand Canyon look like Burnaby Mountain.

It can be argued the core of the problem lies with an issue of democracy. Plainly speaking, democratic process in Canada is not what it once was. This too has been eroded and undermined— though not by way of legislation(give it time), but rather through a more subtle process. What was once a comprehensive democratic agenda within government has been whittled down to a singular form of democracy— “electoral” democracy—whereby the will of the majority applies only to which party wins at the ballot box. Then, once in office, the ruling party indulges in the extreme pleasure of ignoring public opinion for the entire four year term. In truth, this was Pierre Trudeau’s specialty, and now with the election of young Justin, the torch has been passed from father to son.

As a result, a growing chasm continues to develop between the government and its people. At the risk of getting histrionic, what we have here is a full scale battle of wills— the will of government and their globalist partners against the will of conservative Canadians.

In considering historical examples of this form of societal divergence, it is almost impossible to believe this situation will not reach a breaking point. It did during the French Revolution. It did during the American revolution. This aspect of the situation, however, is way above the head of our ex-high school teacher Prime Minister. After all, since being elected, Justin Trudeau has yet to utter a single sentence related to our nation’s English and French heritage. It is not difficult to understand why— clearly he has been far too busy greeting refugees, visiting mosques and paying tribute to Islam to bother with such trivialities.

Eventually, however, judgment day for both Trudeau and the Canadian people may surely arrive. Considering the rampant growth of conservative movements and political parties in Europe, this day may be sooner than any Canadian— liberal or conservative— would anticipate.

A united, cohesive Canada is not an impossibility. It is not too late for our nation to avoid the bitter confrontations which Germany and other European nations are presently experiencing. However, in order to avoid a replication upon Canadian soil, significant changes must occur— beginning with the recognition that multicultural ideology in Canada has resulted in an unprecedented level of social disharmony.

Our country still has a chance to be the true north, strong and free— but not as a collective of disparate ethnicities and religions. To realize our full potential, we must as a society acknowledge and respect the foundation upon which our nation was built. As Marcus Garvey once said, “a people without history is like a tree without roots.” Is this what Canadians want their nation to become— a dead tree?


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Brad Salzberg is the founder of the Cultural Action Party of Canada.

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