The Deep State has been rigging presidential elections for years, and Trump beat them at their own game. That's why they are so upset and so determined to get Trump!

Deep State Connections: How to Frame a President

By —— Bio and Archives--February 13, 2018

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Deep State Connections: How to Frame a President
A USA Today article, that was written in October of last year, stated: “The Senate Intelligence Committee is still investigating possible collusion between Trump Campaign and Russia.” After more than a year of investigations into the phony Trump Russia collusion fairy tale, the Senate Intelligence Committee is still busy trying to dig up evidence that they know doesn’t exist. I find this troubling because the Russian collusion trail leads back to Democrats, the Hillary campaign and the Obama administration. There’s no evidence of a Trump-Russia collusion, but there’s plenty of evidence that the Trump-Russia collusion myth was a setup.


On February 2, the NY Times wrote an article titled “Carter Page, Ex-Trump Aide Once Shunned by Right, Is Back at the Center of the Russia Case.” This is important because it places Carter Page in the middle of another Russian spy investigation. The Times article stated,  “Mr. Page (Carter Page) has openly acknowledged he is the unnamed male referred to in federal court documents about Mr. Podobny.” Podobny was one of the defendants in a Russian spy ring that had connections to Carter Page. Other than Page’s involvement in the Russian spy case, nobody had ever heard of him before.

Moreover, although Page was involved with a Russian spy ring, he was not charged in the case. It’s not wishful thinking to conclude that Page owed the FBI for giving him a get out of jail free card. However, a better explanation is that Page was an under-cover intelligence agent? The case for Page being an intelligence asset is much greater than the media acknowledges. Page is a Naval Academy graduate, and during his senior year at the Naval Academy, he worked in the office of Les Aspin as a researcher for the House Armed Services Committee during the Clinton administration.

In addition, Page served in the U.S. Navy for five years, during which, he served as an “intelligence officer”. Based on his background, it’s logical to conclude that Page has intelligence gathering experience, and he has connections within the government and intelligence agencies. It’s easy to conclude from Page’s background that he is not a Russian agent or the bumbling fool the media and court documents portray him as. His background and qualifications, graduating at the top of his Naval Academy class, doesn’t exactly fit the picture of a bumbling fool, and his service in the U.S Navy, along with his military intelligence experience, doesn’t fit the picture of a dumb businessman caught up in a Russian spy case.

Furthermore, Page was a Trump campaign volunteer, and represented himself as the founder and head of Global Energy Capital, an investment firm that specialized in the Russian and Central Asian oil and gas business. If the business credentials that Page presented to the Trump campaign were legitimate, then he would have been an asset to the Trump campaign. Nobody on the Trump team had a reason to suspect that Page’s company, Global Energy sounded more like a CIA front than a legitimate business. I’m sure that when Page volunteered to be an advisor to the Trump campaign that he did not divulge his involvement in a Russian spy case to the Trump team. The fact that Page had been involved in a previous Russian spy investigation is suspicious. Does anybody else smell something rotten in Denmark, like a setup?

The stench doesn’t end with the FBI or the Senate Intelligence Committee either. I have to conclude, judging by Mueller’s choice of Trump hating Democrat team members, that Mueller is part of the deep-state plan to “take Trump down at any cost”, and Mueller is the hatchet man. Mueller was appointed by another deep state hack inside the Justice Department, Rod Rosenstein. These never-ending investigations have the stench of a clandestine conspiracy. And, according to HuffPo, Senator Mark Warner, of the Senate Intelligence Committee, warned president Trump that firing Mueller would be an abuse of power.

Interestingly, Senator Warner, a Chuck Schumer disciple, tried to contact Christopher Steele, the author of the phony Trump Dossier, through a Russian agent. Warner sent a text to his Russian contact and said that he would “rather not have a paper trail” of his messages. After Warner’s clandestine texts were exposed by Fox News, committee members, Senator Marco Rubio (little Fidel) and Richard (roguish) Burr, defended Warner’s nefarious undertaking. Any honest member of the Intelligence Committee would have resigned after finding out about Warner’s covert Russian contact. How many did?

The fact that Senator Warner didn’t want to leave a paper trail is an indication that his intentions were nefarious in nature. Warner’s veiled contacts with Russians agents and the committee’s dragging out of the phony Russian investigation is an indication that they are part of a Russian deception. Judging by Rubio’s and Burr’s defense of Warner’s actions, I have to conclude that the entire Senate Intelligence Committee is involved in a “frame job and cover-up” and so is Mueller. In fact, I compare them to the likes of Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr.

Furthermore, the fact that operatives within our own government are still trying to take Trump out, over a year after the election, is proof enough of a dirty plan to overturn the election. Based on the evidence so far, Russian collusion and election meddling was on a massive scale and involved all three official branches of the U.S. government as well as the secret fourth branch known as the intelligence community. They not only covered up the Deep State’s own Russian collusion, they also cover up the Obama administration’s election meddling.

In addition, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texts confirm they had a “secret plan” to undermine Trump and overturn the election. The investigations were opened to undermine the Trump presidency. As I see it, the initial plan was to use the phony Steele dossier and the Russian collusion myth to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. To secure the spy warrant, the FBI placed an under cover intelligence agent, Carter Page, who had known Russian contacts that could be verified by court documents, on the Trump team. Then they secured the secret warrant to supposedly spy on Page, but in reality, they used it to spy on president Trump and members of his team. And, in case Trump won, they could use the collusion and meddling yarns to undermine the Trump presidency and eventually force Trump out of office with false information gathered from their own Russian agents.

In conclusion, the meddling and collusion yarns were concocted by Hillary and the Obama Administration and put into operation by the FBI using an intelligence operative, Carter Page,  to secure a secret warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and make it appear that Trump had Russian colluders on his team just in case he won. Obviously, president Trump was setup by dark and evil forces within the government, and nobody within government should be trusted until vindicated by further evidence. The Deep State has been rigging presidential elections for years, and Trump beat them at their own game. That’s why they are so upset and so determined to get Trump!


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