The political fog and smoke of violence won't truly begin to lift until mercifully a plain-speaking, clear thinking Conservative resides in the White House in 2017

Deluded anti-gun Democrats ignore facts, Islamic fanaticism

By —— Bio and Archives--December 5, 2015

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The smoke has barely cleared from the December 2nd massacre in San Bernardino, CA and operatives of the Democrat party masquerading as journalists like The Washington Post’s Petula Dvorak are busy promoting the knee-jerk, mindlessly Pavlovian response that, once again, the inanimate gun is responsible. She infers, ignore your lying eyes and reasoning brain to the facts: clearly the Islamic and the radicalized (Syed Rizwan Farook is no American name I’ve ever heard of) as well as the unhinged—mostly philosophical Democrats who fill the nation’s prisons—pull the triggers. Like the tool she is, Ms. Dvorak parrots Mr. Obama’s libelous, well established narrative that “those evil Republicans” are really to blame for respecting the Second Amendment; the right of the citizenry to legally bare arms.


A true believer in fantasy, Ms. Dvorak subscribes to idea that if America magically became a gun-free zone à la Sandy Hook elementary school and more recently Paris, gun violence would happen less. On this basis, we should also outlaw rocks—which are even more plentiful than guns—and require no background checks. What she and others of her ilk fail to address is the undeniable reality that by hook or by crook, law-breakers always find a way to arm themselves. Therefore, banning guns actually emboldens criminals thereby making innocents more vulnerable to widespread attacks not less so.

Ms. Dvorak’s tone-deafness to reality mirrors Mr. Obama’s unyielding ideological blindness. The world should be as they want it rather than how it is. Ironically, in Paris (where private gun ownership is forbidden) just three weeks after the mass shooting that killed 130, Mr. Obama ridiculously proclaimed that “these types of attacks” only occur in the United States. (Not true: number one is Norway, followed by Finland, Slovakia, Israel, Switzerland followed by the United States in sixth.)

Further, this nebulous, politically correct, irrational denial of the obvious as “workplace rage or something larger [terrorism] or a combination of both” echoed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch facilitates yet another typical Obama political slow-roll. After all, turning one’s family home into a factory and weapons repository where 12 pipe bombs and over 3,000 additional rounds of ammunition are found doesn’t require a Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots.

Dvorak’s demonized Washington leaders “who put their hands over their ears and la-la-la-la their way through facts [and] pleas … about guns,” in actually, are progressive Democrats whose anti-Capitalist policies have expanded poverty, government dependence and perpetuated the recession. To make matters worse, Mr. Obama’s history of divisive statements have coddled “victimized” fringe groups like Black Lives Matter and fed the flames of racial hatred. Another obvious fact: one does not “fundamentally transform” anything that is truly beloved. But, 7 years and counting have demonstrated that truth and Democrats are mutually exclusive concepts. The political fog and smoke of violence won’t truly begin to lift until mercifully a plain-speaking, clear thinking Conservative resides in the White House in 2017.


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