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Dem Senator warns Mueller not to release his final report before the 2018 midterms - because they want the non-issue kept alive

By —— Bio and Archives--February 19, 2018

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Dem Senator warns Mueller not to release his final report before the 2018 midterms - because they want the non-issue kept alive
If the Democrats - oh, sorry, I mean “the totally unbiased and ideologically pure Robert Mueller” really had the goods on Trump colluding with Russians, they’d want you to know about.  It would do nothing but serve their 2018 narrative to have that information available to the public.  They’d put it in their ads, mention it on every TV broadcast, and use it as the central plank in their midterm platform.  “Elect us, and we’ll impeach the Russian conspirator.”

This weekend, we learned that’s not what they want.  In fact, they want Mueller to keep the results of his investigation to himself, at least until after the next election. As The Hill reports, Democrat Senator, Bob Casey (PA), is actually warning Mueller not to release his findings this summer…

Speaking to radio host John Catsimatidis on New York radio station AM 970, Casey said he couldn’t make any assumptions about where the Mueller investigation is going in light of indictments issued on Friday. But he added that he would recommend Mueller not release a report on his findings near the midterms, when it would distract from elections or cause people to question the election’s integrity.

“I don’t think we’ll know anywhere near the full story until [Mueller] issues his report,” Casey said. “But once you get into the summer, and you get close to the election, I think it’s a mistake for him to release it late. I think you should wait until after [the election]” Casey said.

Now, I suppose you could concoct a scenario where Dems think their Republican opponents would use a damning Mueller report to rile up the Trump base and turn out their voters. Think something along the lines of “Vote Republican or Trump is toast.”  That seems incredibly far-fetched to me.

If Mueller revealed genuine evidence of Russian collusion, the American people - Trump supporters included - would be furious. It would decimate their midterm plans. So, I don’t buy that Casey is worried about “distraction” or “integrity.”  Dems have never cared about those things before, and they’re not going to start now.

No, I suspect that they’re scared that there’s no fire beneath all the Russian smoke.

Friday’s “revelations” about a few dozen internet trolls being funded with $1.2 million of Russian money was a major nothingburger. Democrats are trying to put a good face on it, but the fact is they were hoping for much, much more - and, yes, they were hoping to have it before the midterms.

If they’ve decided to start “warning” Mueller not to release his findings before the midterms, it’s a good indication that they know his report will be politically worthless.


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