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Democrat media: Boy, these uprisings against Iranian Mullahs sure are a lot like the fight against Trump!

By —— Bio and Archives--January 3, 2018

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Democrat media: Boy, these uprisings against Iranian Mullahs sure are a lot like the fight against Trump!
If there’s one thing the modern left loves more than anything else, it’s a hyperbolic false equivalence. The crazier and more outlandish the comparison, the better.

Thanksgiving? Why, that’s just a celebration of genocide!

Capitalism? Why, that’s the rape of planet Earth.

Eating a steak? That’s the rape of planet Earth AND genocide.

Donald Trump is the big bad boogeyman du jour

Christianity? Don’t even get me started.

Pretty much everything else - no matter how innocent - is a symbol of America’s inherent racism. On and on it goes. Whether it’s a tradition, a religion, a patriotic holiday, or just a random thing you enjoy, there’s a progressive out there who desperately wants to educate you about its evils.

These days, of course, Donald Trump is the big bad boogeyman du jour.  ...And if there’s one thing that liberals know, it’s that he’s an awful lot like the totalitarian fascists running Iran.  In fact, the fight against Trump is just like the current Iranian anti-regime protests.

America, as you must know, is probably getting ready for the national subjugation of women and the stoning of gays! We’re “just like” Iran!

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Also, President Trump has blocked some people from his Twitter feed!  Gasp!  That oh-so-complete lack of free speech is “just like” the absolute fascism in Iran!

Don’t try to argue.  It’s TOTALLY the same thing.

Why, according to geniuses like Stephen Colbert, Trump shouldn’t even be talking about Iran!  He should just shut up - like Obama did - and let the mullahs crack down on the protesters because he’s “not very nuanced.”


By the way, in case you’re not aware, fake feminist and left-wing hero Linda Sarsour is pretty sure that Trump’s travel ban is just like the violent threats Iranian women face at the hands of their theocratic overlords…

Apparently, we should be sending the Mullahs a few $billion more so they can buy bullets…



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