This is what cops have to put up with

Democrat NY legislator doesn’t handle being pulled over for speeding too terribly well

By —— Bio and Archives--November 3, 2017

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Democrat NY legislator doesn't handle being pulled over for speeding too terribly well
I debated at first whether to post this at all because if all I’m doing is humiliating the woman, I don’t want to do that.

But here’s the problem: This is a public official. She’s supposed to not only know the law but have a part in upholding and encouraging respect for it. She’s supposed to also respect the role of the police. Yet here she is going uberwoke on these patrol officers even though she knows perfectly well she was speeding and they had every right to pull her over.

The histrionics on display here make for quite the show, and the officers’ patience going over and over the issue for nearly 30 minutes (this is an edited clip) is unreal:


Panic attack! PTSD!

Serious question: When you’re experiencing symptoms brought on by PTSD, do you sit there and shout “PTSD”? Because if you have that much presence of mind to know that’s what’s happening, wouldn’t it tend to calm you down a bit?

Anyway, that wasn’t the clincher for me in deciding to run this. The clincher was when the two cops are standing at either winder of her car and she declares to them: “I don’t feel safe with you.”

Oh is that a fact, lady? You’re a county legislator. You should understand better than most people what the job of the police is, and you should know that you are never safer than when you’re surrounded by them. Yet here you are playing every currently vogue left-wing stereotype about cops when they’re being about as patient, understanding and non-aggressive as a human being can be.

I wanted you to see this because, as the anti-cop nonsense in this country reaches a fever pitch, this is the sort of nonsense the police have to put up with from people who have bought that narrative. I realize there have always been people who freaked out about getting stopped or argued about whether they deserved a ticket, but this crap is right out of the BLM playbook.

Apparently she’s also about as left-wing as Democrats get, which I guess makes it unsurprising that she would embrace these attitudes and act the way she did. I’m sure her excuse for her behavior, once she thinks it up, will be quite a doozy.

And of course, the most ironic thing is that if she’d just taken the ticket and been cooperative she probably would have been out of there in 10 minutes or less. But it takes time to make a spectacle of yourself.

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