We know exactly what they’ll do. Raise taxes, explode spending, harass business, pimp for unions, demand more disincentives to productivity, resist any show of American strength, Launch investigations of anyone, everyone they don't like

Democrat op-ed: Here’s what we’ll do if we win! (If any of it makes sense to you, please explain it to us)

By —— Bio and Archives--October 11, 2018

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Democrat op-ed: Here’s what we’ll do if we win!
We’ve been calling for Democrats to tell us why we should give them control of Congress, apart from “We hate Donald Trump.”

Well, they did it! Kind of. Sort of. Not really.


USA Today has just published a new op-ed from Democratic Reps. Cheri Bustos of Illinois, Hakeem Jeffries of New York and David Cicilline of Rhode Island. They are the co-chairs of the House Democratic Policy & Communications Committee, and they’ve taken on the task of telling us what we’ll get from a new Democrat majority.

Do tell! We want to know! Except that we read it, and having read it, we still have no idea. Maybe it will make more sense to you:

House Democrats have a different plan: We will fight for the people. We will build a safer, stronger and forward-looking America. In our efforts to right our nation’s course, we will work with the administration when possible and hold the president accountable when necessary. If we have the opportunity to lead the House of Representatives next year, we will lower your health care costs, increase your pay and clean up corruption so Washington works for you.

Democrats believe America is strongest with a health care system that prioritizes people — not one that taxes and takes advantage of patients. We will fight to protect your right to quality and affordable health care by reining in the costs of prescription drugs, building on the current system to make it work better for everyone, and protecting those with pre-existing conditions from Republican attempts to strip them of care.

Democrats believe America is most prosperous when every American has a shot at success and plays by the same fair rules. We know that our economy is stronger when everybody’s hard work is respected and pays off with higher wages, higher incomes and decent retirement benefits. We will invest in our crumbling infrastructure to create 16 million well paid jobs rebuilding roads, bridges and ports all around this country.

And Democrats believe that government exists to serve the American people, not just those with the biggest checkbooks. On day one, we will take steps to end the culture of corruption in Washington. We will strengthen ethics laws to remove the corrosive influence of lobbyists and special interests from Congress, stop foreign money from influencing our elections and create more transparency and accountability for our leaders.

If you can identify a single policy proposal in that, let me know. There is more to the op-ed, and by all means click over to USA Today and read the whole thing. But this is the passage in which the Democrats presume to tell us what they’ll do, and having read it, we still have no idea.

Actually, that’s not true: We know exactly what they’ll do. They’ll try to raise taxes, explode spending, harass business, pimp for unions, demand more disincentives to productivity, resist any show of American strength abroad and launch investigations of anyone and everyone they don’t like.

And they’ll do their best to come up with a pretext for impeaching Donald Trump.

What they won’t do is tell you this is their plan. You have to be familiar with history to be able to figure it out. Otherwise you’ll come away from an op-ed like this thinking you’ve actually got a reasonable idea what’s about to happen. Look at their track record. Not at their words of the moment. Especially when they’re as muddled as these.


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