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‘Democratic Party not working’: Bernie won’t run as a Dem in 2018 - rips Hillary’s claim that he did

By —— Bio and Archives--September 18, 2017

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Earlier, Dan explained how Bernie’s single-payer plan would nearly double the entire, already-unsustainable, federal budget. For anyone else, those numbers might be a sign that your loopy pet project is doomed before it even gets off the ground. For Bernie Sanders, who cares not for reality, they’re irrelevant.  He’s going to push ahead, and continue fighting for his single-payer dream.

But, despite being the man who best represents the leftist-statist mindset, he will not be pursuing his goals as a Democrat.

According to Bernie, the long string of Dem losses is a sign that “the current model of the Democratic Party obviously is not working.” So, he’s back to being an independent and he’ll remain one as he seeks re-election in 2018.

Since Bernie’s been serving as an independent for years, you might wonder why this matters. Well, it’s all about that base.

It’s no secret that the Democrat base is full-on Bernie obsessed. In fact, as Chuck Todd points out, he’s largely considered to be the most influential Democrat - even though he’s not actually one of them. Despite his rapidly advancing years, Bernie is still one of the people hardcore lefties would like to see make a presidential bid in 2020. Here’s hoping he makes that run, and that he sticks to his indie guns.

Were Bernie to seek the White House as an independent, it would all but guarantee a loss for whoever the Democrat candidate was.  He’d split the vote like a far-left Ross Perot, making a 2nd term for Donald Trump a virtual certainty

And he might as well do it because he’s absolutely right about the Dem party.  It is badly broken. How else would you describe a political entity whose last candidate is roaming the country, openly attacking its most popular member?

Bernie Sanders will Not Join the Democratic Party in 2018

Sanders shakes his head, laughs at Clinton’s claim he didn’t work hard enough for her election

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