Lying under oath is no reason taxpayers should not take care of you until you die

Democrats flood Andrew McCabe with federal job offers so as to stick taxpayers with his lifetime pension

By —— Bio and Archives--March 19, 2018

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Democrats flood Andrew McCabe with federal job offers so as to stick taxpayers with his lifetime pension
As we urged on Friday, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was fired on Friday. This move came not at the urging of President Trump, but on the recommendation of the FBI’s own Office of Professional Responsibility, which said McCabe had been unethical and dishonest in his actions concerning several Clinton-related investigations.

We also told you the Beltway crowd and the chattering classes would blow a gasket over the timing, because by taking the action on Friday instead of waiting until today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions prevented McCabe from reaching the date when he would have been eligible for a lifetime federal pension. McCabe himself came out on Saturday with a long, public personal statement that claimed the whole thing was a political attack on him and the FBI by the Trump Administration.


Political class would leap to McCabe’s defense

McCabe is completely dismissive of the fact that it was the OPR, and not the White House, that recommended he be fired - as if the power structure of the FBI is taking its cues from Donald Trump in any way. But he’s free to defend himself publicly if he likes. I don’t think the facts back him up but that’s not for me to decide.

What was inevitable, though, is that the political class would leap to McCabe’s defense - regardless of whether he really did act unethically - because if he did, it was intended for the detriment of Donald Trump, and that is a higher priority to the Beltway crowd than anything else, including honesty.

Also inevitable was stunts like this from Democrats:

So Pocan would hire McCabe to pretend to work for two days, just so he could reach the 21-year mark and retire with his full, taxpayer-funded pension. Raskin’s offer makes a little more sense, insofar as McCabe’s work had become political at the FBI, so he might as well do the same work in a political enviroment and for an expressly political purpose. It’s more honest than pretending you’re engaged in the objective enforcement of federal law when you’re really looking for a way to let Hillary skate and trump up any charge you can against Donald Trump.

Quick: What do Marc Pocan and Jamie Raskin have in common with Libby Schaaf? She’s the mayor of Oakland who warned illegal aliens about an upcoming ICE raid, and helped several violent criminals escape capture in the process.

Democrats do seem to quickly leap to the defense of people who’ve done wrong and are made to face consequences for it. Well, at least those whose wrongdoing is opposed by Donald Trump. That seems to be the common thread here. If the president wants to punish you for doing wrong, Democrats want to reward you. What a party.


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