Republicans had better take up the challenge and not rest until the vote fraudsters are incarcerated, otherwise Representative Matt Gaetz may be right that the Right is under siege and may lose the battle in 2020.

Democrats use vote fraud to play their last hand: global warming

By —— Bio and Archives--November 23, 2018

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Democrats use vote fraud to play their last hand: global warming
After two years of trying to pin the tail on the Donald to no avail, the democrats cranked up voter fraud to make a last ditch effort to suspend the workings of our Republic.

With Florida receiving the lion’s share of the limelight of midterm election ballot mishandling, little attention has been paid to other states where vote irregularities have cropped up. From California, Arizona and New Mexico to Wisconsin and Georgia, numerous breaks in chain of custody of ballots has cast a shadow on the results of races for state and congressional seats.


Every instance where republicans looked to have a solid or a tight lead, thousands of ballots appeared out of nowhere to be included in the final tally. Serendipitously discovered after the polls had been closed for hours, they added a glut of democrat votes that turned the tide in a number of California races. And election officials didn’t even blink an eye. By the way, those officials were all affiliated with the democrat party.

In some places, such as San Diego County, it was revealed that it had registered 138% of eligible voters—meaning there were more than 810,000 nonexistent folks on the rolls. According to a National Review article: “...462 counties (18.5 percent of the 2,500 studied) exhibit this ghost-voter problem. These range from 101 percent registration in Delaware’s New Castle County to New Mexico’s Harding County, where there are 62 percent more registered voters than living, breathing adult citizens—or a 162 percent registration rate.”

Underlying the prospect of stealing the election, which appears to have worked in Nevada, Arizona and Utah, is invoking the usual democrat stratagems. Since the Russian collusion gambit didn’t work after two years of hype from every liberal corner, especially the media, the democrats have determined it’s time to haul out the tried and true climate change scheme in order to gain the upper hand.

When one unbelievable media blitz doesn’t work then it’s time to fall back on what has worked in the past. By far the easier route to achieve their ends of instituting their socialist agenda, the dems plan to capitalize on the public campaign that has successfully indoctrinated students for nearly 50 years—that of believing in anthropogenic (manmade, for the less erudite) climate change.

By reopening the old playbook of making global warming (the flip side of the 1970s anticipated ice age, also caused by man’s meddling with the environment) a crisis is the best strategy left to the Left. In order to execute their gameplan, using and abusing the natural world is not beyond their scruples or, rather, lack thereof.

Throwing communities into chaos by devastating them with flood and fire—please be reminded of the near collapse of the Oroville Dam last year and now the all-consuming fires wiping out whole towns—through mismanagement of resources, states such as California have placed millions of citizens in jeopardy.

Yet it goes further according to some credible reports deriving from survivors of the Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire and the conflagrations that wiped out the wine country just last year. Following the lead of democrat legislators trying to place all the blame on power companies, the media conveniently forgot their initial reporting of the illegal immigrant who was caught setting some of the major burns in Northern California. They also have turned a blind eye to the change of fire patterns and how many blazes began by simply bursting into flame, no spark or ember witnessed anywhere about.

The recent turn to arson by terrorists of every stripe has been occurring worldwide, and California is another staging area for destruction of American lives by fire. The exception being that politicians are backing the bedlam by directing the blame toward manmade climate change and, by affiliation, conservatives who believe in free enterprise and removing government meddling from the environment to education.

Rahm Emanuel, while serving as Obama’s chief of staff, aptly stated that no crisis should go to waste, that manipulating a catastrophic event to benefit the growth of government control is not only opportune but necessary.

The exponential growth in devastation caused by wildfires may be no accident any more than the ramped-up efforts by democrats to win elections by every trick they can conjure up. The more homes and businesses lost to “natural causes,” the more prospects for progressive politicians to usurp authority.

Republicans had better take up the challenge and not rest until the vote fraudsters are incarcerated, otherwise Representative Matt Gaetz may be right that the Right is under siege and may lose the battle in 2020.


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