Why are parents even being given a choice about leaving their children in the U.S.? There is no choice but to deport the whole family because minors have no standing to request asylum

Detaining illegal immigrant children counterproductive, expensive

By —— Bio and Archives--July 18, 2018

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Detaining illegal immigrant children counterproductive, expensive
Hiding behind the detention of children by mischaracterizing the situation as child abuse, the left has gone beyond placing the United States in a precarious position. It has created yet another industry based on waste and fraud. The fraud comes in the form of lying about the woes of incarcerated children in order to bilk the government of hundreds of millions of dollars and anchor illegal aliens within the electorate.

Strange as this sounds, both situations have been documented. Furthering the bogus nature of the “emergency,” businesses and nonprofits have created a burgeoning trade providing shelter for these displaced children by sponging off government, i.e. the taxpayers.


The leaking border has been twisted into a crisis of conscience, the media hanging patriots with an albatross of callousness for demanding that immigration laws be enforced. Fueling the fire, progressives funnel funds to unethical lawyers, coyotes, drug dealers and pedophile rings to flood our southern border with apparent families and unsupervised children, forcing the issue of housing the illegal influx if only to counter the objectionable staged visuals.

The upshot is that charitable and business organizations have popped up to undertake housing operations for the kids, and in some cases the adults accompanying them, while crying to the government for grants to do so. In reality, it isn’t an industry, it’s a money pit for scammers to take home a paycheck for sheltering individuals that shouldn’t be in the country at all.

Painting a backdrop (told you it’s theatre) of disheveled and wailing children reaching for parents who are being dragged off to jail for breaking the law, the left pummels the justice system with unsupported arguments that families are being destroyed. And they find activist judges all too willing to react accordingly and disavow law in favor of emotional, albeit unproven, complaints and reward the criminals for getting caught.

The resulting multitude of minors loosed from parental (or not) control then must be tended. But how? Let’s see, in 2014 President Obama simply dropped the kids, the majority of which had reached their majority while claiming otherwise, on the border patrol and military to nurse and feed them, opening military bases for temporary shelter. Going further, Homeland Security, under the directorship of Jeh Johnson, packed thousands of them onto buses, trains and planes, distributing the minors all across the country without the knowledge of Congress, let alone average citizens. (Even I encountered one such stealth busload of illegals being transported out of California when I passed through Barstow in 2015.)

No one in the media uttered a peep about children being ripped from the arms of loving parents then. Kind of hard to do since so many parents had already relinquished their kids to the dangers of journeying hundreds, even thousands of miles in the company of other kids—oh, and a few unscrupulous human traffickers.

Enter the White House a president who believes a nation can only exist if borders are secured and, my, my, but the howling from the left rose in pitch, decibels and duration. Toss in some heartbreaking images and every progressive worldwide decides to throw a hissy fit at the inhumane treatment of outlaws, for that is the proper term for the parents whether they accompanied their offspring or sent them across the border alone. As has been stated before, compelling children to enter a foreign country illegally, alone or in the company of an adult, is the true child abuse, not the reaction of law enforcement.

Still, the end result is thousands of minors left at loose ends by those adults who either abandoned their kids to make the trip unsupervised or came with them only to find themselves facing prison for illegally entering the United States.

Now that the media decided to finally shine a light on the problem, the need to supply shelter for the poor waifs was quickly taken up by a newly contrived “industry.” Problem is that these organizations, both for and not-for profit (the latter is a misnomer—they’re all out to make a buck) don’t have a dime of their own but must beg from donors, borrow if they can, and steal from taxpayers to build state-of-the-art shelters, healthcare and education centers for kids who should never have been pulled away from home.

A billion dollar detainment business is born… but it is counterproductive and overpriced, to boot. What do you do with minors that don’t belong in the United States, most of whom don’t want to be here in the first place? Saddled with unsupervised children, the Obama administration simply shipped them off around the country, many of which ended up in the hands of sex traffickers selling themselves as relatives and responsible foster caregivers. To this, the Trump administration has put an end by ascertaining parental relationship before reuniting families even if DNA tests must be instituted to keep children out of the hands of wily flesh peddlers.

The perpetrated fraud by the left’s bleeding hearts goes deeper than hauling kids over the border to feed the sex trade, it’s being used to place illegal aliens in communities to overrun our electoral system with noncitizen voters. This is being aided by states like California that register noncitizens to vote through motor-voter laws set-up specifically for “undocumented immigrants,” otherwise known as stated above—illegal aliens.

Add to this foolishness how, on July 16, 2018, a federal judge in California went along with the ACLU’s promoting “rumors that “mass deportations may be carried out imminently and immediately upon reunification” and blocked the deportation of reunited families. Judge Dana Sabraw ordered that the government “review whether parents need more time to consider whether they want to leave the United States with or without their children.”

Here’s the real question… Why are parents even being given a choice about leaving their children in the U.S.? There is no choice but to deport the whole family because minors have no standing to request asylum if they are under the parents’ guardianship, which having been reunified as a family unit proves. They are not emancipated minors, and every member of the family crossed the border illegally, breaking the law and earning nothing except deportation.

There is only one way to fix the problem and shutdown the pointless and wasteful shelter industry for which some of the foregoing situations created a “need.” President Trump has been correct about the solution all along despite the despairing weeping and screeching from liberals. It is to close the border and turn back every illegal entrant and fishy storyteller seeking asylum. Not a single family should be sheltered or imprisoned without meeting true asylum status. They need to be rebuffed at the border and if they cross illegally, immediately deported even if it means sending them back to their point of origin at government expense. Why? Because the savings would mount into the billions and a crisis industry would be put out of business instead of freeloading off the taxpayer.

Tuesday, July 17, Speaker Ryan pulled the democrat-authored and subsequently abandoned bill to abolish ICE, replacing it with a resolution in support of the law enforcement agency. Is someone on Capitol Hill finally getting the message?


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