Dick Durbin’s OTHER hot take: the term ‘chain migration’ is racist ...because slaves were in chains

By —— Bio and Archives--January 15, 2018

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Dick Durbin's OTHER hot take: the term 'chain migration' is racist ...because slaves were in chainsHere’s an old left-wing chestnut we haven’t seen in a while.  Take two completely unrelated things, pretend they’re kind of the same thing thanks to similar words, and use the unflattering comparison to scream racism at your opponents. It’s right out of the DNC playbook, and it’s just as ridiculous as it always was.

This time, the example comes from Dick Durbin.  Despite denials, Durbin is 100% sure Trump said “shithole.”  He’s also sure that the term “chain migration” is totally racist.

Classic Durbin…

The reason it’s racist? Why, slaves came to America in chains you know. Thus, every time you say “chain migration,” you’re conjuring up images of slave ships and human auctions.  ...Or something. 

I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure what he’s trying to say here.  I guess he doesn’t like the term “chain migration” because it effectively describes how immigration can be chained from immigrant to immigrant within the same family.  That’s not the most popular policy at the moment, so he’d prefer it if you were thinking about the horrors of a slave trade that ended 150 years ago.

It’s not particularly well thought-out, makes little or no sense, and is little more than old-school race baiting.

In other words, it’s classic Durbin…

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