Police in Canada are clearly following their leftist political masters. Their primary objective is no longer to keep the peace but to battle Islamophobia

Distrust of Police Growing in Canada

By —— Bio and Archives--August 19, 2018

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Distrust of Police Growing in Canada
No, it’s not the progressives. Many on the left are true cop-haters from the get go. A prime example of how the left detest police (unless they become victims of a crime and squeal like the cowards they are) occurred during the recent Ontario election campaign. Gurrant Singh, brother of federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, was a star candidate for the NDP. It was revealed he once carried a sign in a demonstration that read “F**K the POLICE.” Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath saw nothing wrong with that. Neither did the rest of her radical caucus.

Now the increased skepticism about the men and women in blue is coming from the right; those who traditionally support the police and law and order. A recent example of this occurred during and after the mass shooting on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue.


July 22 was a balmy Sunday evening in Toronto and a lot of people were on the section of the city’s Danforth Avenue known as Greektown. A 29-year-old man, later identified as Faisal Hussain, walked slowly down the street firing bullets into restaurants, coffee shops and other places where people congregated. When it was all over, 13 people were injured. Reese Fallon, 18 was killed and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis, who went to the Danforth with her family for ice cream, died in hospital the next day. Hussain was killed by self-inflicted bullet wounds during a shootout with police.

Hussain’s name was not released until late the next day. As soon as it was, a spokesperson for the family released a statement to CBC saying the shooter was mentally ill. What the family says is not evidence of mental illness but it was enough for the media to make the poor 29-year-old the 16th and most important victim of the shooting.

The police were quick to downplay the fact this was a terrorist act. While acknowledging they were checking his computer and online postings, the fact it might have been terrorism was ignored. Toronto police were overjoyed a day later when ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. They beamingly announced there was no evidence ISIS ordered the killings. Of course that was not the issue; the issue was whether Hussain was inspired by ISIS which would make his actions a terrorist attack. We don’t know and in all likilhood will never know.

Obviously it takes some time to establish the motive of someone now dead. But contrast this with the way the police in London. England dealt with the individual who drove a vehicle into barriers in front of the UK Parliament shortly after 7:30 a.m. on Aug. 14. Two pedestrians were injured although their injuries were non-serious. Although police were not able to say it was a definite terrorist attack, the Met quickly announced the incident was being investigated by the counter-terrorism unit. There was no attempt to sweep a possible terrorist attack under the rug.

So Antifa, looking to inflict violence, turned on the Toronto Sun whose reporters and photographers were present

The growing distrust of police was best seen in the hours after the mass killings in Fredericton, New Brunswick. On the morning of Aug 10, reports came out four people had been shot and killed outside an apartment complex. There was not then nor is there now any evidence the killings were terrorism-related. Yet people immediately took to social media criticizing the Fredericton police for not releasing enough information and doing what is now common; downplaying a terrorist act. Almost immediately, the police were criticized for not releasing the alleged shooter’s name. With every passing hour, suspicion grew that there was a cover up of a terrorist attack.

The Fredericton Police Force actually did a good job in releasing information when they could. Later on in the day, they announced two of the dead were on duty police officers. After their next of kin were notified their names were released. The alleged shooter, as we later learned, was shot in the abdomen, arrested and hospitalized. Under Canadian law, police have 24 hours after an arrest and detention to lay charges and bring an accused to court (or the court to the hospital). At court, the name of the accused becomes a matter of public record and can be released. Police did reveal the name the next morning. The Fredericton Police Force gave as much information in a timely manner as they could have and should have yet the accusations flew on social media. But suspicions grew.

If all this wasn’t enough, a demonstration was scheduled to be held in front of Toronto City Hall on Aug 11. The protest by the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) was called off but that information never reached the basements where Antifa members dwell. They showed up in droves but only about three protesters were present. So Antifa, looking to inflict violence, turned on the Toronto Sun whose reporters and photographers were present. One thug ran at 63-year-old photographer Stan Behal, hit him on the head and took his cap that had no political significance from him.


CNN’s Chris Coumo recently said groups like Antifa was justified in using violence because their cause is just

All this occurred in front of a line of what used to be called Toronto’s Finest who did absolutely nothing other than watch. The mainstream Toronto media, other than the Sun, found this assault on an innocent photographer not important enough to report. Behal, who is now on medical leave, filed an official complaint with the Toronto Police Service. Finally on Thursday, five days after the assault, the police decided to look for the guy. Yesterday, a 29-year-old man was arrested and faces one count of assault. Were it not for Behal and the Toronto Sun, the assault would have been chalked down to being justified by the police.

CNN’s Chris Coumo recently said groups like Antifa was justified in using violence because their cause is just. All he really did was say what the left thinks. The Toronto Police Service made it clear they are in agreement with Chris Cuomo and the progressives.

Police in Canada are clearly following their leftist political masters. Their primary objective is no longer to keep the peace but to battle Islamophobia. Whether they will ever regain the respect of citizens who strongly support law and order is indeed questionable.


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