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DNC chair Tom Perez: marching high school kids & 'women leading the resistance' are the 'leaders' of the Democratic Party

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DNC chair Tom Perez: marching high school kids & 'women leading the resistance' are the 'leaders' of the Democratic Party
Yesterday, high school kids across the country decided to take some time off. The event was billed as a “march against violence,” because who could argue against that, but really it was a bit of well-planned gun-control theater. It was also a chance for the “leaders” of the Democratic Party to get a little TV time.


DNC Chair can’t name a specific leader of the party

No, I’m not talking about the myriad left-wing politicians who used the opportunity to push their longstanding war against the 2nd Amendment.  They are not the leaders of the Democratic Party.  In fact, according to DNC Chair Tom Perez, there is no political figure leading the Dems.

Asked to name the Democrats’ most prominent leader, Tom Perez couldn’t. That person, apparently, doesn’t exist.  Instead, he said that marching high school kids and women’s marchers were the “leaders.”

Here’s the clip:

Obviously, Perez is desperate to avoid the fact that Hillary Clinton deftly outlined his party’s arrogant view of middle America. As I said yesterday, Hillary let the mask slip, and her party has been running from her like a scalded animal. All of them - Perez included - have said similar things.  They just don’t want you to know it, so having their 2016 standard bearer lump all their ugly opinions into one convenient sound bite is a disaster. 

As for their “leaders,” if Perez is right, his party has some big problems.

First, young people are - overwhelmingly - supportive of the 2nd Amendment.  Yes, they want tighter purchase regulations and a beefed up background check system, but virtually all recent polling shows that they’re far more pro-2A than the Democrats’ current desire to ban all semi-automatic weapons.

Here’s one such report from the Politico, back in October:

Respondents aged 18-29 are the least likely in the country to support a renewed ban on assault weapons, at 49 percent, a fact that has helped drive nationwide support down to a record low. Pew’s data suggest that those falling in the youngest age range have dropped the furthest in support for “gun control” since 2000 (when the alternative is presented as “gun rights”). And when the question concerns the National Rifle Association’s top legislative priority, concealed carry,millennials appear to lead the country. According to Gallup’s version of the question in 2004, the notion that concealed guns made for safer spaces polled at 25 percent; 11 years later, it registered at 55 percentnationally. The greatest support came from those ages 18-29, at 66 percent, a full 10 points greater than the next highest scoring demographic.

It’s true that they tend to be more liberal than traditional GOPers on most social issues, but couple that with their gun control stance and I’d argue that makes them lean more Libertarian, not necessarily more Democrat. 


In the end, like all of us, these kids will grow up.  Half will move left and half will move right.  Certainly, Perez is correct to say that some future Dem powerhouse is probably marching outside a high school right now. However, if he’s banking on these children as his current leadership, he’s in big trouble.

As for “the women leading the resistance,” I assume Perez is referring to the women’s marches in DC.  If Dems want to tie the future of their party to that movement, by all means please do.  Its leaders have been (correctly) accused of supporting sharia law, enabling sexual assault, and embracing anti-Semitism.

From the Washington Examiner:

Linda Sarsour, the Brooklyn-born Muslim activist who co-founded the Women’s March and often advocates on behalf of Palestinians, may have just been outed as an enabler of sexual assault after one of her previous employees shared her story of working for her at the Arab American Association in 2009.

Asmi Fathelbab, the alleged victim, is Muslim and now 37 years old. She told the Daily Caller that after complaining to Sarsour about a man in her office building groping and sexually harassing her, she was immediately dismissed and even fat-shamed.

“She called me a liar because ‘Something like this didn’t happen to women who looked like me,’” Fathelbab recalled. “How dare I interrupt her TV news interview in the other room with my ‘lies.’”



Tamika Mallory, Women’s March organizer and co-president, is defending herself after facing backlash for attending a Nation of Islam event last month where Rev. Louis Farrakhan made anti-Semitic remarks.

...As CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out, Mallory attended Farrakhan’s speech where he referred to “powerful Jews” as his enemy and blamed Jews for “all of this filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out turning men into women and women into men.”

On Sunday, Rev. Farrakhan gave his Saviours’ Day 2018 Address, attended by thousands including one of the co-founders of the Women’s March.

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) February 28, 2018

If that’s who Tom Perez believes “leads” the Democrats, more power to him. We should thank him for letting us know which party to avoid.


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