But the swamp doesn't want you to know about them. So naturally, we're going to tell you.

Doctors are finding economic models to get around ObamaCare

By —— Bio and Archives--October 16, 2017

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I attended a conference last Friday in Orlando, where there were 250 doctors in the house. I was the evening keynote speaker, and I talked about fear factors in health care and health insurance that have patients and consumers in a great state of uncertainty.

Skyrocketing health insurance premiums and deductibles, ObamaCare rules and regulations, not being able to keep your doctor, no relief from a dysfunctional Congress and being denied services by some medical facilities because your insurance is not in their network are just some of the things that are scaring people sick.

Direct Patient Care

Some people are so sick of the crap and confusion that they are temporarily going without health insurance, and hoping they don’t get sick.

The results of a survey were presented during a session I attended. I was stunned to learn that many doctors are so frustrated with the new bureaucracy of regulations that they are no longer enjoying their profession, and they want to get out of the bureaucratic quagmire.

The good news is that they do not want to quit their profession. Instead, they are looking for non-government and non-insurance company alternatives to do what many of them dreamed of doing when they chose their profession.

More good news is that new ways to obtain really affordable health insurance are emerging, but the swamp does not want you to know about them. In fact, the swamp is trying to discourage some of these models because they threaten the swamp’s bureaucratic grip on health care and health insurance. But I’m going to tell you about them!

At least a thousand doctors have set up their medical practices based on Direct Patient Care (DPC). The patient pays a reasonable monthly fee direct to the doctor for primary care with no government involvement. You would still need insurance for serious or catastrophic illness, but the costs would be nowhere near the insane costs people are experiencing today under ObamaCare.

HIPnation, Liberty HealthShare

Another model is HIPnation (Healthcare Impact Partners Nation). It’s a DPC model with primary care services plus, selected specialists, and a monthly fee per person, but also with no government involvement.

Liberty HealthShare is another model where members share in the cost of each other’s medical costs using a proprietary algorithm to determine who pays what for whom. They already have a substantial membership base, and no government meddling.

President Trump’s recent executive order will inspire even more real affordable alternatives to health insurance, because they keep the government out and encourage competition, and you can cover what you want instead of what the government mandates.

And when the president announced that he would no longer pay subsidies to insurance companies, the liberals went crazy. It didn’t matter to them that the subsidies were illegal in the first place, so President Trump is just enforcing the law, again!

The president’s actions do not repeal and replace all of ObamaCare as Dan wrote, but it’s a first down in football terminology. As for the insurance companies, they will have to re-learn how to compete without a government subsidy. It’s not that hard. They will adjust despite all of the scare rhetoric from liberals and the media about how bad a decision the president made.


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Bye bye medical bureaucratic quagmire, and hello patient choice again!

The president’s decisions were bold. They were the right things to do!

Doctors can’t wait for a dysfunctional Congress to do the right thing. The president’s actions are a big first step. Consumers and patients can’t wait until they get sick to find out they have little to no insurance coverage.

Alternative models of delivering health care and health insurance will keep plenty of doctors in the house doing what they love to do, without the government destroying their professional dreams.

Bye bye medical bureaucratic quagmire, and hello patient choice again!

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