Is Mad Captain Barack Now Steering America Towards the Gates of Hell?

Does Obama Employ the Marxist Doctrine of Creative Destruction?

By —— Bio and Archives--March 14, 2010

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imageHaving watched Barack Obama’s sole economic recovery strategy of spending hand-over-fist to “heal” our economic malaise and rampant deficits, we must ask if his theory is a cipher for the mythic phoenix? Is Barack a classical Marxist seeking to fix a broken society via torching our economy to ashes, confident it will arise again, healed by socialism and communism? During a turbulently reckless period he seeks a massive government-directed health care bill. Obama now demands wild expenditures on top of record deficits, in the midst of a prolonged recession, against record unemployment. So, what other motivation does such illogical decision making suggest?


Is Barack a mad Ahab chasing the giant, evil specter of Capitalism across the globe, hoping to harpoon and sink it to the bottom of the deep? Even Obama is intelligent enough to know his strange belief that Keynesian “deficit-spending always equals growth” may not work. In fact, it hasn’t so far, a year later. So what is his “Plan B”? Well ,perhaps there is no secondary plan because he only means to ruin the economy. It’s a distinct possibility that Barack actually intends to bankrupt the US into accepting the socialism he touted to Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher. In fact, to engage in such an attack against the world’s greatest capitalist nation would merely make him a superstar acolyte to his Marxist progenitors.

It is essential non leftists understand that just because Marxism has been logically, scientifically and historically disproved, it does not mean it is a spent force. Instead, because of it’s evangelical spirit, it becomes even more dangerous once discarded and ignored, remaining like a zombie faith. Marxism does espouse a “Doctrine of Destruction” that must be implemented by its true followers at every level. It teaches capitalism is theft, and that the rich steal what they have amassed from the poor. So the only just response is to confiscate the stolen wealth and return it to the impoverished workers. There isn’t much more to Marxism than this, but this judgmental and self-righteous conceit is as sacred to a communist as Mecca is to a proper Muslim.

Anatomy of Marx’s Creative Destruction

A. Socialist Revolution

At the very center of Marxism is the call for total “Revolution.” The book “Facts on Communism, Vol. I, The Communist Ideology” says, “the Marxist doctrine of the Socialist Revolution is the core of Communist ideology.” The main strategy for forcing Marxist revolution is fomenting crisis. While most Westerners recoil at the thought of a major economic collapse, knowing the resultant human pain and heartache, Marxists salivate at the possibility. Their theory teaches them capitalism must surely fail, and so they have plans ready for when this occurs, and they also design stratagems to make certain it does.

Ironically, Karl Marx would claim neither China nor Russia were ideal places for a socialist revolution, since they were both so primitive, having little economic development. In fact, America is logically the best place to start a genuine communist revolution since it is the most advanced capitalist state, which is exactly the kind of place Marx called to take over. When the capitalist cycle marks its zenith, then is the time for revolutionaries to move. The “proletariat” were those who should launch the strike, which are, according to Webster’s: “the class of industrial workers who lack their own means of production and hence sell their labor to live.” The revolution should happen by any means possible, especially violence, to free the proletariat to launch their dictatorship, which shall utterly destroy capitalist society, remaking it upon a socialist and then finally communist model. This, according to Facts on Communism.

B. Abstract Theory of Strategies

There are several basic strategies Marx taught for fomenting revolution, later vouchsafed by Vladimir Lenin, founding Russian dictator. First, the revolution is led by the Communist Party. This group directs the revolutionary struggle by way of propaganda, agitation and opportunism. All Party members must be a cadre of professional revolutionaries, ready to strike at a moment’s notice at the first chance. The Party is also a self-chosen “priesthood” to which has been entrusted all truth; the Party itself being the only existent holder of veracity. The Party expects and exacts iron discipline; no deviation is allowed. Lenin’s “Two Revolutions” strategy focuses on first helping any group interested in upheaval to overthrow society, and then later attacking those same groups found not morally pure, ie non-proletariat revolutionaries. Finally, both legal and illegal activities are countenanced, whatever might help the cause of revolution, at the time, states Facts on Communism.

C. Concrete Communist Revolutionary Strategies

Clarence B. Carson, in his magnificent study “Basic Communism, It’s Rise, Spread and Debacle in the 20th Century,” lists nine historic precipitating strategies for socialist revolution in his chapter “Stratagems and Tactics for International Communism.”

(1.) Communist International: The “Comintern” was an international group formed to foment revolution worldwide in Russia in 1919, ending in 1943, doing much to teach world delegates tactics and theories on how to cause a leftist a revolution.

(2.) The Party: The Communist Party in all countries has the duty to train and direct professional revolutionaries, or the “vanguard of the elite,” revealing how deeply indebted communism is to top-down control and group-think. Membership is not given, but earned. Being a member of a leftist type organization, say, an environmentalist group, anti-corporation cabal, or “peace organization,” (often communist front groups – see below) is commonly the first sign someone has earned a Party meeting invite. A future member will not be offered Party membership until a lengthy apprenticeship is done, which includes doing projects, helping community organizing, and memorizing Marxist-Leninist doctrines. Marxist acolytes also study current events, economics, socialist theory, revolutionary strategies, and even public speaking, while also fund-raising and recruiting new members. Non-communist friendships are discouraged. Bouts of intense self-scrutiny and harsh criticism are encouraged. The desire is to create a boot-camp effect causing an almost evangelical level of personality overhaul for future members. The term “brainwash” comes to mind, here.

(3.) Labor Unions: Communists have always targeted unions and their members, seeing these as a classic example of the sacred proletariat. The modern labor union not only arose around the time of socialism, but was deeply affected by it during its genesis. Unions have a certain collectivist logic, which ties in with communist theory. Many union leaders were socialists before they signed up to their local. A union can have a minority socialist membership, yet these vigorous advocates often control the agenda through sheer zeal. Many American unions have been dominated by socialists and communists, including the AFL/CIO, United Mine Workers, United Auto Workers, etc etc. Many strikes have been coordinated to sabotage work and terrorize bosses ad owners.

(4.) Communist Fronts: A communist front is simply an organization which does not appear socialist, but was either started or is controlled by communists to achieve their ends. These were popular in the day of government crackdowns on leftism. But this tactic is still employed. J. Edgar Hoover mentioned this phenomenon, writing the Party… “has operated hundreds of major fronts in practically every field of Party agitation: ‘peace,’ civil rights, protection of the foreign born…abolition of H-bomb tests, exploitation of nationality and minority groups,” etc. Modern examples would include ACORN and the ACLU. Carson writes that the general dogma of Marxism is so stultifying, that the only way communists can attract thoughtful members is to draw in those who have a concrete agenda, like immigration rights, etc.

(5.) Subversion: Communists seek to undermine a non-socialist country by encouraging acts and beliefs that “pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals, allegiance or faith,” according to Carson. Anything that debases the populace will be attempted, such as attacks upon the family structure, traditional religions, ideas of sexual propriety, notions of authority, the legal profession, Art theory, etc. Further, intellectual assaults against common sense ideas regarding economics, the monetary system, any university degree discipline, or desecration of great national symbols, etc will all be attempted. A classic example of this has been achieved by the Political Correctness movement, which was explicitly designed by German intellectual Marxists to undermine America. They were called the Frankfort School, and immigrated to the States to avoid Hitler’s wrath.

(6.) Espionage: Any country can use espionage to gain advantage on another. But, as one writer put it about the old Soviets, they…“employed espionage in ways that no other nation in all of recorded history had ever attempted.” Such appears true today about the Chinese, who relentlessly probe American government Internet sites, and launch many probes and attacks to test Yankee defenses. It was also during the Clinton administration that Loral Space shared details of rocketry that allowed the Chinese to stunningly invert their 90% failure rate with their ICBM missile launches to one of 90% success. Loral, coincidentally, donated a million dollars to the DNC before being allowed to sell technology to China, but ended up paying a $14 million fine in 2002 for passing missile technology to them. J. Edgar Hoover listed the chief areas of communist espionage, being scientific R&D; strength and methodology of US armed forces; American intelligence and counterintelligence; US international relations; and American anti-communist tactics.

(7.) Sabotage: Much like members of a Muslim radical jihad sect, a true communist will always be, at least in his or her heart, at war with capitalism and non-socialist countries. Before the USSR fell, the KGB secret police was massively involved in global disinformation campaigns that furthered the goals of communist Russia. Today, there is more concern with groups inside America doing whatever they can to undermine the US from inside. For example, the tactic of financial crisis driven by ramping up demands on the social state to create financial crisis, such as espoused in the Cloward-Pivin doctrine, is such leftist sabotage. (further discussed below)

(8.) Terrorism: Soon after the Russian Revolution, terror was the singular defining characteristic for Lenin, and then employed by Stalin and Mao with spectacular results in terms of sheer murders and tamping open dissent. Since then, countless global Marxist uprisings have been punctuated by terrorist campaigns, such as led by the Communist Party of Peru, aka the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso), who killed many innocents. Also Castro’s Cuba has tortured and killed countless residents, and Cambodia’s Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge, who killed two million Cambodians from 1975 to 1979. Overall, the Communists killed at least 175 million in the 20th century in their terror campaigns against their own people. US terrorists, such as William Ayers and the Weathermen attempted to terrorize Americans into accepting socialism.

(9.) Civil War: Vladimir Lenin returned to Russia from Europe in his sealed train and immediately began agitating for a civil war. Why? Because he knew that if Russians engaged in such action, it would make it much easier for his tiny group to take over the country. This ended up being a significant factor in he and his party ascending to power. Such an outcome in America would be met by most Marxists with joy since they know that, short of a military upheaval, it will be quite difficult to overcome a country with such a strong history of capitalism, gun rights, and open democracy.

Cloward-Piven Strategy to Cause Economic Collapse

Does Obama have something like a Cloward-Piven principle in mind for shaking out resistance to his economic plans to force Americans to accept socialism by necessity? The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” was designed by Columbia University professors Richard Cloward and wife Frances Piven. Their strategy was simply a method used by leftists to encourage as many eligible people as possible into signing up for all the social welfare programs available. This is meant to then bankrupt the system. After this occurs, the plan is to push a country towards socialism. But the general strategy can also be adapted to other methods of bankrupting a nation.

David Horowitz’s site Discover the Networks lists some recent apparent innovations in the Cloward-Piven Strategy, which include ACORN’s demand for new lending rules. This caused irresponsible sub-prime (ie, unqualified borrowers) to get loans which helped start the recent financial crisis. Further policies apparently meant to undermine US financial stability and foment socialist revolution include the banking bailout TARP and its $700 billion buyout of troubled assets, which has already been shown to have been misused. Also the $787 billion Stimulus Bill, which in addition to creating a supposed economic “stimulation,” also revoked the “Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, the welfare-reform legislation passed by the Republican Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1996.”

According to the Heritage Foundation, 32% of the Stimulus Bill, averaging $6,700 in “new means-tested welfare spending” was set aside for every poor individual in America. Horowitz says these funds are earmarked for such programs as: “Temporary Assistance to Needy Families; Medicaid; food stamps; the Women, Infants, and Children food program; public housing; Section 8 housing; the Community Development Block Grant; the Social Services Block Grant; Head Start; and the Earned Income Tax Credit.” Yet such welfare bankrolling is only the iceberg’s tip. Heritage states, “Once the hidden welfare spending in the bill is counted, the total 10-year fiscal burden (added to the national debt) will [be] $1.34 trillion. This amounts to $17,400 for each household paying income tax in the U.S.”

Heritage noted increased welfare spending in the Stimulus Bill, being Obama’s “Make Work Pay” refundable tax credit. They state, “This credit represents a fundamental shift in welfare policy. At a cost of around $23 billion per year, this credit will provide up to [$400] in cash to low income adults who pay no income taxes. For the first time, the government will give significant cash to able-bodied adults without dependent children. Since most of these individuals have little apparent need for assistance, the new credit represents ‘spreading the wealth’ for its own sake. The lack of connection between this credit and ‘economic stimulus’ is evident in the fact that the first payments under the program will not be made until April 2010.”

Other perceived plans to damage the US economy by Obama include the attempted Climate Change legislation and its staggeringly expensive Cap & Trade legislation. This could drain trillions of dollars out of the world economy every year, killing millions of poor, per annum. Also the Detroit car maker bailout, the rampant printing of fiat currency. But the $2.5-$3 trillion dollar Obamacare bill is the piece de resistance of government profligacy. Some Democrats now even admit it will cause health care costs to skyrocket, while decreasing treatment and overall quality, but the program is still being touted as done in the name of fairness and justice. How laughable. But regardless of the worth of any particular program, simply basing a large part of the yearly government budget upon perpetually borrowed funds means that the state must, at some point, go bankrupt.


Wasn’t it was odd to hear Barack deny his Baltimore address that he is “Bolshevik”? This reveals more nominal familiarity with the vocabulary of the Russian Revolution than his own armed force’s vocabulary, such as the common term “corpsman”! But fellow uber-leftist adviser Rahm Emmanuel’s statement one should never let a crisis pass without extracting some normally unacceptable concession, is even more of a socialist slip. Do both men have a heart full of communism, as nonchalantly work toward the demise of the free market and laissez-faire? Creative Destruction means that if a Marxist destroys a bad capitalist society, a better socialist one will arise magically in its place. Will wanton economic chaos and wreckage really create paradise on earth? Do these two ultra leftists genuinely believe such madness?

Barack Obama has experienced an almost total lifelong immersion in socialism. He has had a nearly complete dependence upon leftist and even communist contacts and friends during his childhood, education and rise to power. Therefore, wouldn’t it be exceedingly odd if Barack weren’t at least a little bit communist at heart? But perhaps, like Moby Dick’s Ahab, Obama hisses to himself about the capitalist whale, “from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.” But the question remains – What will the average patriotic American do now that this administration has been outed for what and who they really are?


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