All of this casts further doubt on the integrity of the FBI under Comey and McCabe

DOJ inspector general: Prosecute Andrew McCabe

By —— Bio and Archives--April 20, 2018

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DOJ inspector general: Prosecute Andrew McCabe
I guess “lack of candor” is a pretty serious thing.

That’s especially true when it’s a euphemism for lying about who might have leaked information to the media when it fact it was you who leaked it. It’s also true when you call some subordinates on the carpet over the leak . . . when you were the leaker.


The same FBI deputy director who was meeting with Strzok and Page about the anti-Trump “insurance policy” is the one who did all this according to an internal investigation, which is why he was not only fired, but fired before he could make it to his pension.

That may now be the least of McCabe’s problems:

The Justice Department’s inspector general referred its finding that ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe repeatedly misled investigators who were scrutinizing leaks to the media to the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, arguing that he should be prosecuted, multiple reports said Thursday.

The criminal referral was made after the inspector general determined that McCabe lied to investigators or then-FBI Director James Comey four times, three of them while under oath, the Washington Post reported.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the federal prosecutors believe criminal charges are warranted, and a referral to the feds does not in and of itself mean McCabe will be charged with a crime, the paper reported.


Inspector General Michael Horowitz last week sent Congress a report slamming McCabe, saying he wrongly OK’d the revelation of sensitive information to the media, then lied to investigators about his actions.

An inspector general recommendation is not binding. The DOJ doesn’t have to prosecute McCabe. But they would be under pressure to come up with a rationale for letting him skate after Horowitz recommended charges.

All of this casts further doubt on the integrity of the FBI under Comey and McCabe – the same FBI that used the Steele dossier to rationalize wiretapping Carter Page, the same FBI that let Hillary skate, the same FBI that tanked the Clinton Foundation investigation. Can we really trust that they played any of this straight, and that they weren’t making decisions about criminal matters with an eye toward influencing the 2016 presidential election?


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