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DOJ Inspector General to accuse McCabe of pre-election leaks, lying to investigators

By —— Bio and Archives--March 2, 2018

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DOJ Inspector General to accuse McCabe of pre-election leaks, lying to investigators
In January, when FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe abandoned ship ahead of an agency review, it raised more than a few eyebrows. McCabe was due to retire March 18th, but suddenly walked away with little in the way of an explanation. No one knew quite what to make of it, but his exit sure had all the earmarks of a guy who was getting out of town while the getting was good.

Maybe now we have some idea as to why he left so suddenly.


According to a late-breaking WaPo report, McCabe is about to be accused of leaking material to the press in the run-up to the 2016 election - and he apparently misled investigators who were working to examine what happened.

This will not help the FBI’s already tainted reputation… From the WaPo:

The Justice Department inspector general is preparing a damaging report on former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, alleging he was responsible for approving an improper media disclosure, two people familiar with the matter said. One of the people said McCabe will also be accused of misleading investigators about his actions.

The report is a part of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s broad review of the FBI and Justice Department’s handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

During that work, inspector general’s investigators found that McCabe had authorized the disclosure of information to the Wall Street Journal for an October 2016 story that examined feuding inside the FBI and Justice Department around the handling of a separate investigation into Clinton’s family foundation, two people familiar with the case said.

Those probing the matter believe that McCabe, who stepped down in January, misled them when they initially inquired about the subject, though one person familiar with the forthcoming report said McCabe disputes that he intentionally misled investigators.

Ah, there’s the Comey rule. It doesn’t matter what McCabe actually did.  It only matters if he “meant to do it.”  After all, Hillary didn’t “mean” to break the law when she ran a secret server from her home with the express intent of avoiding oversight. It was just one of history’s most convoluted mistakes.

So, what exactly was in his initial leak?

According to the New York Times, he had four people release details that would make it look like he was being tough on the Clinton Foundation,  while in fact he was putting the brakes on FBI inquiries into the deeply suspect “charitable organization.”

In October 2016, The Wall Street Journal revealed a dispute between F.B.I. and Justice Department officials over how to proceed in an investigation into the financial dealings of the Clinton family’s foundation. The article revealed a closed-door meeting during which senior Justice Department officials were dismissive of the evidence and declined to authorize subpoenas or grand jury activity. Some F.B.I. agents, the article said, believed that Mr. McCabe had put the brakes on the investigation.

Others rejected that notion. The Journal, citing sources including “one person close to Mr. McCabe,” revealed a tense conversation with a senior Justice Department official in which Mr. McCabe insisted that the F.B.I. had the authority to press ahead with the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

The inspector general has concluded that Mr. McCabe authorized F.B.I. officials to provide information for that article, according to the four people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the report before it is published.


In other words: if the report is correct, McCabe crushed the Clinton Foundation investigation, then sent people to leak material to the press that would make him look good in media reports.

The WaPo assertion is that, after those leaks, investigators were “misled” by McCabe.

You’ll recall that McCabe’s wife has longstanding political ties to the Clinton family and its allies.  Something even the hardcore lefties at Vox reported - albeit reluctantly and dismissively…

Trump’s fury goes back to a long-running controversy over McCabe’s wife’s allegedly compromising political ties to Hillary Clinton. In 2015, McCabe’s wife ran for a state Senate seat in Virginia, backed in part with money provided by the state Democratic party and a Clinton ally. Trump and other Republicans have used this probe to argue that McCabe is secretly harboring an anti-Republican agenda.

This came to a head in recent months, despite having been known for over a year, because McCabe’s name surfaced in a controversial text message sent by FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was recently removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe over evidence of anti-Trump political bias.

If you already thought there were some shady dealings going on at the DOJ - and at this point I don’t know how you could think anything else - this should only serve to bolster your opinion. The lines pretty much draw themsleves.

I for one am shocked. Shocked, I tell you, that there could be be such blatant hackery within our most sacred federal institutions!


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