Deep bench folks like Bernie, Hillary, Uncle Joe not too old to run again!

Donna Brazile, who was feeding Hillary debate questions, says the 2016 election was not legitimate

By —— Bio and Archives--November 24, 2017

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Donna Brazile, who was feeding Hillary debate questions, says the 2016 election was not legitimate
If you want to see just how wrecked the Democrats are in the wake of their 2016 disaster, look no further than the following Chris Matthews interview with Donna Brazile. She claims that the election was “not legitimate,” will always “have an asterisk by it,” and doesn’t really count because the Russians know how to use Twitter.

To the Hardball host’s credit, he rips the idea that the 2016 contest was “illegitimate,” calling that claim a “3rd or 4th world” statement. Then, Donna Brazile goes on to trash Hillary’s overconfidence - which, if you were paying attention, you’ll know was the real reason Hillary failed so miserably. Matthews also questions the choice of Tim Kaine, who can speak Spanish, as Hillary’s running mate.

DNC’s own desperate desire to crush Hillary’s internal opposition

While you watch Donna Brazile claim 2016 was illegitimate, keep in mind that she was instrumental in maintaining the Dems ridiculous debate schedule, handed Hillary’s campaign the debate questions ahead of time, and has basically admitted there was financial and media collusion designed to push Bernie Sanders out of the race.

If anything was illegitimate about 2016, it wasn’t some nebulous, impossible-to-quantify, Russian “interference.”  It was the DNC’s own desperate desire to crush Hillary’s internal opposition.  People like Brazile are simply trying to wriggle away from the fact that they were the architects of their own destruction.

Any attempt to suggest otherwise is either career self-preservation, or deflection.

For extra fun, Brazile says Bernie, Hillary, and Crazy Uncle Joe are not too old to run again.  I guess they’re those young fresh faces we’re always hearing about.



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