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Don’t look now, but ‘Flippy the robot’ is winning the fight for $15

By —— Bio and Archives--March 6, 2018

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Don't look now, but 'Flippy the robot' is winning the fight for $15
Over the years, we’ve talked quite about how the “Fight for $15” would just end up costing people their jobs. Faced with an overpaid and under-skilled workforce, it only makes sense that employers would look for ways to eliminate the need for increasingly hostile employees.  Previously we focused on the way checkout robots were ending the era of hiring cashiers.

Flippy makes hamburgers.  Flippy doesn’t complain, take breaks, get sick, or slack off. Flippy never shows up hungover

Now, it’s time to meet “Flippy.”  Flippy makes hamburgers. 

Flippy doesn’t complain, take breaks, get sick, or slack off. Flippy never shows up hungover.

Flippy is, eventually, going to emerge as the real winner of the “Fight for $15.”


Democrats will scream that this is good news.  The jobs that Flippy is taking are horrible, no human should have to do them, and the people who would work them are better off somewhere else. We’ve heard it all before.

I’m perfectly willing to admit that fast food is neither glamorous or fun. However, the people who have traditionally done that work - we’re talking teenagers here - could count on those jobs to see them through a summer.  They were never intended to be careers, they weren’t designed to feed a family of four, and they certainly weren’t supposed to be the last stop on the career ladder.

This will sound harsh, but the people working them were never worth $15.

Liberals want to argue that a burger-and-fries gig is something that should be a lifelong endeavor. That’s cruel, and they have a screw loose.  It should be a job that you do, for a short time, while you’re a kid.  It’s an extra money kind of thing, like mowing lawns or delivering papers.

If we’re going to try to pretend that it’s something else, well…  I for one welcome our burger flipping robot overlords

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