California: Change the sign on the “happiest place on earth” to the “most politically correct place on earth”.

Don’t Say Merry Christmas

By —— Bio and Archives--December 10, 2011

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I went to California to visit family and friends last week. California. The land of the Liberal stronghold where government reigns over the people and tells them what to do by getting them hooked on the narcotic of “tax payer monies”  & while taking control of their lives and children’s as well. I noticed no greetings like “Merry Christmas.” Even “Happy Holidays were skimpy. I checked in the Hampton Inn located Central Valley, Visalia Ca., to get into my room. The young girl said Happy Holidays. I responded with a Merry Christmas. After talking to her for a few minutes she said she did not want to offend anyone by saying Merry Christmas. Poor unfortunate soul. Corrupted by multiculturalism and political correctness. That is California for you.


Next morning I went to visit my family and friends. After my business was over I headed over to Anaheim to see “Mr. Mouse.” I had an early supper at the Grand Californian, Storytellers Cafe, store number 296. After dinner I got to talking to whom I call “Brett the waiter.” After a few minutes of conversation he wished me a “Happy Holidays.” I responded with my “Merry Christmas.” The employee was glad to hear it. The employee told me he was written up by the “company” because he offended a Jewish couple by saying a Merry Christmas to them. Now he can only say “Happy Holidays. Change the sign on the “happiest place on earth” to the “most politically correct place on earth”.  Way to go, Robert A. Iger!  Walt would be proud!

The liberal establishment over the past 50 years has done what the Cold War, the Russians, Communism and radical Islam failed to do. Destroy the U.S.A. from within. Case in point. We have tossed God out of the country. We kill our unborn. We kill our old people. We kill people who can’t produce (Terri Schiavo). We have rapid pornography everywhere. Pornography comes from the Greek words meaning “Devil’s Pictures.” We have prime time T.V. showing Drugs, Graphic Sex and Violence. We have multiculturalism destroying the “melting pot” of America. People don’t want to work and want the government to take care of them. We have businesses that have men and women stealing, embezzling and cooking the books for their own profit at the expense of the common investor. Anyone remember ENRON?

The sociality and this generation in particular have no moral compass. It has no needle inside it. When you have a college girl crying that her beloved coach was fired because he turned a blind eye on sex crimes done by his assistant coach on under-age little boys it can’t be clearer than that. Where are the “tears” for those children who were molested? Where are the tears for the families involved? Where are the tears for their shattered lives. Why are you not crying for the victims little college girl? What if that was done to you, little college girl, by someone you trusted? Would you still cry for the wrong reasons? Why are you not crying at the dismal way our country’s morals have disintegrated (JMJ).


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