Warren’s hyperbole – no matter how loud it may be – won’t stave off the inevitable

Elizabeth Warren: This Kavanaugh guy was 'pre-screened by right-wing extremist groups!'

By —— Bio and Archives--August 15, 2018

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Elizabeth Warren: This Kavanaugh guy was 'pre-screened by right-wing extremist groups!'
For months, the Democrats have been rummaging through the personal and professional life of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Their goal is to uncover something, anything, that would empower their efforts to deny him a seat on the bench. Make no mistake, this is a party-wide effort and you can bet the DNC has its “top men” studying the problem.


So far, the best they’ve come up with is the dark revelation that Kavanaugh bought enough Major League Baseball ticket to rack up an impressive credit card bill.  He then dutifully paid off his debt.  That’s right.  It’s horrific indeed.

Even the Obama administration’s own Solicitor General opined that Kavanaugh was a “gracious person” and a “brilliant” and “exemplary” judge.

Sadly, the lack of scandal and Kavanaugh’s own record haven’t been enough to stop the political hit machine. Desperate to stop his confirmation at all costs, Dems are doing their best to portray him as a diabolical radical who tear the country asunder.

Enter Elizabeth Warren, who frets that Kavanaugh has been “pre-screened” by multiple “extremist groups.”

“Look, it is not a done deal. Donald Trump has made his nomination. And he picked somebody off a list that has been pre-screened – pre-screened – by not one but two right-wing extremist groups.”

Gasp!  Who could these monstrous extremist organizations be? Obviously, they’re the kind of folks you see wearing armbands and goose-stepping through the streets, right?

No.  They are not.  Warren is referring to relatively benign Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation. Both are basic constitutionalist organizations that are about as far from “extreme” as you can imagine.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation may not quite be a done deal, but the fact remains that Democrats have virtually no way of stopping it. To successfully block the President’s pick, they’d need virtually every one of their current members to oppose the nomination, and several of their red-state brethren have already telegraphed their ‘yes’ votes.

To use an old phrase; barring a miracle or some ghastly 11th hour revelation, it’s all over but the crying.

Warren’s hyperbole – no matter how loud it may be – won’t stave off the inevitable.


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