Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling

Epic backfire! New book details Hillary campaign’s desire to promote and ‘maximize’ Trump as the GOP nom

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Epic backfire! New book details Hillary campaign’s desire to promote and ‘maximize’ Trump as the GOP nom

Every time I’ve written about the field of 2016 Republican primary candidates, I’ve made the same point.  There may have been 17 hats in the ring, but only two people ever stood a chance of beating Hillary Clinton.  They were Donald Trump and Rand Paul.  Everyone else either had mountains of baggage or lacked the necessary je ne sais quoi to make it across the finish line.

Cruz would have lost, Rubio would have lost, Christie would have lost, and Jeb! would most definitely have lost. To be fair, Paul may have lost too, but if Hillary had been faced with 15 out of the 17 prominent figures on the GOP side of the aisle, she’d definitely be President right now. …And, as we’ve discussed before, she pushed for the one guy she had no way to stop.


In one of the most spectacular miscalculations in political history, Hillary Clinton actually wanted to face Donald Trump. As we know from the Wikileaks dumps, she even directed her media allies to help her achieve that goal.

Now, via the Daily Beast, we have a little more insight into Hillary’s disaster.  A new book, reporter Amy Chozick’s Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling sheds new light on her campaign’s imbecilic strategy.

From early on, the Clinton camp saw Trump as an enemy to encourage, Chozick writes. During the campaign, as had been previously reported, there was an effort to elevate Trump into a so-called Pied Piper in order to tie him to the mainstream of the Republican Party.

“An agenda for an upcoming campaign meeting sent by [Campaign Manager] Robby Mook’s office asked, ‘How do we maximize Trump?’” Chozick writes, describing a time when the GOP primary was still crowded.

Even as Trump surged in the polls, the Clinton camp still saw him as a danger to stronger candidates rather than such a candidate in his own right, Chozick reports, so that in August 2015, “when the main GOP debate came on, everyone pushed their pizza crust aside and stared transfixed at the TV set… [Campaign Manager] Robby [Mook] salivated when the debate came back on and Trump started to speak. ‘Shhhhh,’ Robby said, practically pressing his nose up to the TV. ‘I’ve gahtz to get me some Trump.’ Robby thought Rubio would be the nominee. Podesta was bullish on Kasich. Bill and Hillary, still stuck in the 1990s, feared the Bush surname most of all.”


By the time of the conventions, though, as Trump was selected as the Republican nominee, the Clinton campaign was still trying to figure out how to improve her negative favorability ratings.

In other words, Hillary Clinton, a widely despised candidate helped select the one person who would constantly, and brutally, pick the scab over her unfavorable numbers.  …Which was the one thing her campaign couldn’t get a handle on.  Brilliant.

Allow me to offer this definition:  Schadenfreude [shahd-n-froi-duh] noun 1. Satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune.

…And I’ll use it in a sentence: “If you like your schadenfreude, you can keep your schadenfreude.”

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