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ESPN fires outspoken Christians Ray Lewis and Cris Carter

By —— Bio and Archives--May 10, 2016

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“Dan, you have no evidence whatsoever that ESPN fired them because of their Christianity.”

You’re right. I don’t. It’s possible they didn’t and I certainly can’t prove they did. But here’s what I do know: ESPN has already proved it will fire people who are outspoken in the expression of views that don’t comport to the left-wing worldview that ESPN either a) holds; or b) intends to appease at every opportunity.

So once ESPN has established its willingness to give employees the axe on the basis of nothing more than their expression of views unrelated to sports or their jobs at ESPN, I think it’s fair to view every personnel move ESPN makes with suspicion. And I smell a rat:

Carter, who has been with ESPN since 2008, has been part of “Sunday NFL Countdown,” “Monday Night Countdown” and other shows. He came under fire last year when it was revealed that he told freshly-drafted players at the 2014 NFL rookie symposium to get a “fall guy” in case they get in trouble.

  Lewis, who joined ESPN immediately after retiring in 2013, is also no stranger to controversy off the field; he has most prominently been part of “Monday Night Countdown.”

Let’s consider Exhibit A. Not only did an emotional and frustrated Ray Lewis go off on Black Lives Matter, but he quoted Scripture multiple times in the course of doing so.

As for Cris Carter, the Yahoo story would have you believe this has to do with his ill-advised “fall guy” advice to rookies. I say nonsense. If ESPN was going to fire him for that, they would have done so a year ago and not let him do an entire season on NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown after it happened. It wasn’t long ago Carter made a similarly emotional appeal about the need for men to respect women and children - often a problem in the culture of the NFL.

So what we have here is two retired, black Christian athletes who are willing to speak out about problems with behavior they see, including but limited to what goes on in the NFL and in the black community.

And they’re both gone, just weeks after Curt Schilling was fired for saying men should use the men’s room.

So no, I can’t prove motive, and maybe that means that if this was a court of law ESPN would be acquitted. But it’s a column, and I’ve about had it with ESPN. NFL Network has a perfectly good pre-game show, and this season I’ll watch it.

By the way, this might present the perfect opportunity for the Vikings to bring Carter back into the organization. They look to him to mentor a lot of their young receivers anyway, so they might as well make it official. What better time to come back home than just before the long-awaited Super Bowl-winning season?

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